Vencasa Offers Technologically Advanced Mattress Protector

Sleep at a constant temperature: not too hot, not too cold

Vencasa, The World Leaders in Sleep, and the home of Tempur and Magniflex mattresses, prides itself on being the trusted source of information and suppliers of brands that are trailblazers and at the forefront of the sleep industry.

Velfont is one of their global partners. Who are synonymous with luxury and have been fostering good nights’ rest by delivering premium linen to the world, since 1971. Their range aims to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customers and offers healthy, hygienic sleep with their advanced textile technologies.

One of their most popular products, and available at Vencasa-Tempur Showrooms. Is the mattress protector and pillow protector made from 100% thermo-regulator cotton fabric. The Velfont Outlast Thermo-Regulator Mattress Protector uses the most advanced technology. Developed by NASA with cotton fabric that provides a buffer from the variations in temperature and humidity that we experience over the course of the night. It absorbs, stores and releases the heat that our body emits, creating an individualized comfort zone. It provides a constant micro climate which is neither too cold nor too hot. Ideal for people who experience changes in temperature during the night.

Plus, the 100% cotton Thermo-Regulator Mattress Protector adapts to mattress lengths up to 200 cm and heights up to 35 cm. Velfont mattress protectors safeguard the mattress practically and comfortably, as they adjust just like a fitted bed sheet.

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Thermo-regulator pillow protector

Get yours at a Vencasa-Tempur showroom.

About Vencasa:

World Leaders in Sleep. Know that your body, mind and soul deserve quality sleep, and provide a range of exceptional sleep solutions to ensure it. Vencasa was born from the legendary and reputable long-standing Pharmaline umbrella. Medically informed, scientifically sound and aesthetically magnificent, Vencasa brings the ultimate sleep solutions to the market. Providing premium, high quality products with a range of pricing for each person’s individual sleep requirements. Vencasa is proud to be the official and exclusive distributor of Tempur products. And world-famous brands such as Magniflex, Velfont, Reed Family Linen and their own Vencasa Signature Collection. Their value proposition is to provide the greatest sleep products at a practical price. 

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