Comfort For Dad With Tempur Lumbar Support Cushion

Comfort For Dad With Tempur Lumbar Support Cushion. The Tempur Lumbar Support Cushion and Seat Cushion are the perfect gifts for dad this Father’s Day! He will appreciate quality comfort every day. In the office, while watching his favorite TV show, enjoying a sports match or while travelling. Dad will thank you.

The anatomical shape, variable height adjustments and supportive properties of the Tempur material combine. Ensuring that the Tempur Lumbar Support fits comfortably on any chair to support the curve of the spine for optimum support. The Tempur seat cushion distributes weight more evenly over the surface. Improving comfort and reducing numbness whilst sitting.

All Tempur Home and Travel support items contain the temperature sensitive, visco-elastic material. It forms to the shape of your body. For comfortable support with minimum counter pressure. Share these tips with Dad for increased comfort and lumbar support. Adjust your office chair so your knees are bent at about a 90-degree angle. The backrest of your chair should push your lower back forward slightly.

Place support under your feet to elevate them slightly. Sit with your knees slightly higher than your hips. It eliminates some of the pressure on your lumbar spine. Your back and buttocks should be pressed against your chair for support. Keep your chin pulled in and your head tall. Sit as close to your desk as possible. Adjust your computer screen so it is at eye level. Tempur’s patented material takes care of a perfect balance between comfort and support.

Vencasa Ultimate Sleep Solutions

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