Choosing The Right Smartwatch For A Child

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Are your children begging and pleading with you to buy them a smartphone? If you have a preteen child who isn’t quite ready for their own phone, you could consider giving them a smartwatch as an in-between step. A kid-friendly smartwatch can be a great way to help them learn about technology and to become more independent.

What’s more, depending on the model, it can also help you to keep tabs on them while they’re away from home and reach them with a message in an emergency. At the same time, a smartwatch will limit their ability to connect to social media and other web content unsupervised or to speak to strangers on the phone.

Alcatel recommends some features to look for when choosing a child’s smartwatch:


Life in the schoolyard can be rough on electronic devices. It’s wise to choose one that can stand up to dust damage, minor spillages, falls, drop pages, or rain showers.

Security and privacy

A high-quality smartwatch will be built on the latest security standards and technologies to protect the child’s data and privacy.

Battery life

The smartwatch should offer long-lasting battery that can at the least last from the beginning of the day to bedtime.

Look and feel

Look for a watch that meets your child’s tastes and preferences, whether that’s one with a cartoon character or a bold, funky finish.

Communications features

A good smartwatch should include basic voice and text features so you can stay in touch. Some will only allow calls and messages from numbers in their phonebook. You’ll need a compatible SIM card and a data plan.

Apps and features

Depending on your child’s age and needs, smartwatches come all the way from basic models with simple comms and GPS features through to expensive fitness trackers or models with support for downloadable apps. For children, heart rate tracking may not be the most desired feature, and parents generally opt for the devices on the simpler (and cheaper) side of the spectrum. 

Location tracking

Simple smartwatches for kids generally include location features, via integrated GPS capabilities.  This enables parents to see the child’s exact coordinates. Some allow you to define safe zones so that you can be alerted if the child strays out of their routine.

Smartphone compatibility

You should ideally pick smartwatch that has an app for your phone or tablet, since you may need it to use features such as location tracking or to manage the child’s device.

SOS alarm

If you’re concerned about safety, some smartwatches include an SOS button that enables kids to call for help in an emergency.