Keep Your Pet At Their Best With Buchu

Buchu pet supplements
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While nothing can beat a long walk with your best friend, exploring new sights and smells, getting out the house simply isn’t an option during times of lockdown and self-isolation. As much as you might be chafing at the confinement, it’s probably having a greater impact on your pet – both on his mood and digestion.

Natural remedies such as Buchu offer a safe alternative to keep your pooch in peak condition despite limitations on their exercise routine.

Buchu is known to maintain:

·        Healthy, allergy free skin;

·        a shiny coat;

·        exceptional mobility through healthy joints;

·        and a good digestive health.

This indigenous herb has a multitude of medicinal and health properties ideal for the maintenance of your pet’s health, using the following tips:

Who’s a good boy?

Supplement your pup’s food with a product containing Buchu. A great choice of treat is Ricky Litchfield Good Dog Treats which are sugar-free and include the health benefits of Buchu. You can also add to your pet’s diet supplements containing active ingredient Buchu such as  Ricky Litchfield Infla-Active Capsules or Ricky Litchfield Smart Health Powder Supplement. Although nothing can replace the benefit of exercise, the addition of a Buchu supplement will assist with your dog’s digestive health.  Buchu relieves the symptoms of poor digestion, bloating and constipation. It also assists in the management of irritable bowel syndrome 

On the move

Buchu will not only help digestion, it will promote hip, joint and bone health. Buchu keeps general inflammatory levels under control and is also great for preventative care and maintenance. Older dogs can develop joint pains and inflammation, which can often be avoided through a regular exercise routine. Exercise also keeps them at a healthy weight, which reduces pressure on their joints. While you’re unable to stick to your usual routine, include Buchu supplements to help reduce inflammation around your pet’s joints and to keep them without pain.

Groomed to perfection

During this lockdown period, we have the privilege of spending more time with our pets. Alongside implementing a health maintenance programme for your pet, this extra bonding time will allow you to start a healthy skin care routine. Regular grooming and caring for your pet with a Buchu infused skincare range can help prevent a number of skincare issues your pooch may experience. The antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antihistamine properties of Buchu promote the healthy skin and coat of your pet.

Ricky Litchfield products are listed as essential products and are available at various vets and vet shops nationwide as well as via several online suppliers including Takealot, Pet Heaven and Absolute Pets during the national lockdown period. For more information, see