Heating Up The Kitchen With Modern Sinks and Mixers!

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While the hearth may exist in the living room, the heart of every home is the kitchen. A combination of family-oriented get-togethers and passionate food preparation, the tempo of the kitchen often rises to fever pitch levels of conversation and laughter. In addition, home trends are changing with the kitchen becoming an integral part of the living space itself. 

While Hansgrohe is known for being a leading bathroom specialist, kitchens have become an important focus for the company over the last few years – making the organisation a key authority on all that is design and function in both the bathroom and kitchen space. 

The timeless wide design and hand-brushed L-shaped basin rim make the Hansgrohe sink a striking feature in any kitchen, with the minimalistic design blending perfectly with the ambiance of a modern kitchen. 

Choose between the five different sink sizes in stainless steel as built-in, undermount or flush mount to combine with a premium Hansgrohe kitchen mixer for a perfect fit. If you want something different – have a look at the granite sinks, also available in five different sizes in either undermount or build-in with three different colour options of graphite black, stone grey, and concrete grey.  

To complement the stainless steel and granite sinks, the aesthetic mixers offer an elegantly discreet design, without compromising on functionality. This is perfect for an interior design concept which views the kitchen more as a living space rather than a work area. 

You can never go wrong with simplicity. With the Hansgrohe Metris Select and Talis Select kitchen mixers, you can control the water at the touch of a button. The Select button makes your life more convenient by allowing you to turn the mixers on and off with barely a touch and within an instant – with your fingers, back of your hand, your forearm, or elbow.  

All making for ease of use and time to spend catching up with family and friends in a beautifully equipped heart of the home. 

Your apron awaits …