Top 10 Tips For C-Section Recovery

The idea of giving birth scared me for many months until the day arrived and I became helpless. I watched many YouTube birthing videos so I knew what to expect but it didn’t really happen like that. I ended up having an emergency C-Section which I wasn’t prepared for.


1. Take your meds even when you don’t feel much pain, trust me it will come back later!

2. Don’t strain your body when you back on your feet. Avoid bending, stretching or carrying heavy items.

3. Use a pillow against your stomach when you feel the need to cough, sneeze or laugh.

4. Move baby’s cot next to you so you can avoid getting up during the night. It was very difficult for me to get out of bed because my bed is extremely high.

5. Invest in a belly binder or high-waisted panties to help keep your tummy in and protect your incision.

6. Avoid using tight clothing for the first couple weeks especially jeans. I lived in Pjs. Sometimes it’s okay to live in Pjs…

7. Apply Vaseline on your operation then tie a bin bag over it to have a shower. When done, remove vaseline and blow dry the area to be safe.

8. Keep hydrated and eat healthy foods to prevent constipation and gas. I drank more than 8 glasses of water daily. Eat fiber-rich food – Eating food rich in fiber will help to avoid constipation.

9. Try and keep mobile so your body can heal faster. Walking is good.

10. Keep your incision clean. Don’t scratch the scar or pick at it. The itch is a sign of health but the scar must be left alone to heal.

  • DO NOT soak in a bathtub or hot tub, or go swimming, until your gynae says it is okay to do so, usually not until 3 weeks after surgery.
  • Try rolling instead of sitting up quickly to get out of bed.
  • Don’t push yourself, get someone to help you with the chores.
  • Alter breastfeeding positions – some may cause pressure and pain on your C-Section.
  • Don’t drive or have sex for the first 6 weeks until your gynae says it is okay to do so.
  • Don’t try to exercise immediately – your gynae will let you know when it is okay for you to start.
  • The first day of recovery in the hospital can be tough – take it easy, walk around and consider having a quick face cloth bath.
  • Your feet may swell after a C-Section, make sure you inform your doctor if this does happen.
  • Stock up on disposable underwear and pads for the first week. You may bleed heavy.

You may still feel pain especially during winter. So keep warm and relax.

Never be afraid to ask for help and let someone know when you feel something is not right.