Reignite Your Kitchen This Spring With The AGA-Oven

Reinvigorate your kitchen with a Freestanding AGA Module or AGA 60 – size to fit any kitchen – in a sunny colour that makes a statement and is elegant too. The burst of colour in your kitchen will bring a fresh spring feeling into your kitchen all year round. An AGA oven is, after all, forever stylish! Neutral and natural kitchens with a colour accent iconic AGA will create a personalised space for you and your family.

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The Freestanding AGA Module is the perfect companion to extend your cooking versatility. They are available with a slow cook oven and integral grill, fan oven, gas or electric ceramic hob. Designed to stand alone, these masterpieces fit within standard kitchen furniture.

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The AGA 60 delivers the great cooking performance you would expect from AGA, but wrapped up in a smaller, compact package. Ideal for your city apartment or townhouse. At just 60cm wide, it has two ovens offering roasting, baking and simmering functions and a versatile hotplate which can be set to boil or simmer. It’s all about maximising style and function for today’s more space-efficient living areas.

Just like all other iconic AGA cookers, they are made from cast iron and employ radiant heat cooking technology. As all the goodness and moisture is locked in the food tastes so much better. AGA slow combustion cast-iron cookers offer ultimate flexibility and great performance in all their sizes and forms.

Pop some colour in for Spring and get cooking all year long!

Available through and Bergzichts Furnishers, Euro Appliances, Gas & Equipment, Kloppers and Metelerkamps.