Prince William’s Alleged Mistress

Prince William’s Alleged Mistress Rose Hanbury DGAF About Cheating Rumors. The royal family has made one thing very clear. When it comes to the Prince William cheating rumors, we shouldn’t expect a comment any time soon. Apparently, William’s alleged mistress Rose Hanbury just reacted to the rumors.

The Marchioness of Cholmondeley is taking her cues from the Cambridge royals. Speaking to the press about anything but rumors of royal discontent. Her most recent life update?

Per British magazine Tatler, Hanbury and her husband David, the Marquess of Cholmondeley, are hosting an art exhibition this summer at their home, Houghton Hall. A somewhat surprising move given the intense media scrutiny of the past few weeks.

As A Quick Refresher

Rumors of William’s alleged affair started as rumors of a feud between Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and “rural rival” Hanbury, who had previously been a close friend. The rumors, initially the whisperings of tabloids, gained further attention after a tweet from a member of British media appeared to confirm the affair. Some believe that William taking legal action against UK publications who repeated the allegations is further proof of the alleged affair. While others note that the Cambridge royals are simply more litigious than their predecessors.

Where followers of the latest alleged royal scandal agree is that all involved parties have been frustratingly silent when it comes to confirming or denying these details. With the Cholmondeleys, in particular, having all but disappeared from public view.

The news of Hanbury and husband David’s art show, then, is a notable return to the public eye. The couple has hosted many events at their Houghton Hall mansion before. In 2016, William and Kate attended one of their charity galas. Before these rumors started flying, the Cambridge couple frequently socialized with the Cholmondeleys. And as joint public appearances waned, many claimed this was a result of Kate trying to excise the couple from their social circle after hearing about the alleged affair.

So, the Hanbury’s art exhibition can be read as a coded statement from the Marchioness and her husband: by welcoming the world into their home, they’re expressing absolute confidence that they have nothing to hide, and that everything to do with their personal lives and marriage is business as usual. But as time goes by, it will be a fascinating test to see whether William and Kate show up to support their friends, as they no doubt would have in the past. If the Cambridge couple blows off the Cholmondeleys exhibit, is that proof of—at least—falling out between Kate and Hanbury? And if they do attend, is it proof that nothing happened? With royals this practiced in giving nothing to an inquisitive media, we may honestly never know.