Curls 101: Tips And Hairstyles For Curly Hair

According to Carlton Hair International’s David Gillson, curly hair is in!

“Texture is huge,” David says. “The word everyone is talking about is ‘diversity’. It’s now acceptable to embrace natural hair.” So whether you have tight curls or natural waves, wear them with pride!

Daily curl tips

“Curly hair is more fragile than straight,” says Bea Watson, Aveda Global Educator, Hair Styling. “The bend in the shaft makes it difficult for natural oils to be distributed, so curly hair is generally drier and thus more fragile.”

Super curly…

“Thicker, coiled hair can benefit from a daily oil treatment, which instantly hydrates parched hair,” says Bea. Apply to wet or dry hair that falls below the ears, which tends to be drier.

Fine and wavy…

Use a protein-rich hair mask just once a week for a single shot of super hydration.

Tame curls…

A curl cream is your new best friend. “Start with a little,” says stylist Matthew Curtis, “then you can always add more. Wrap wet hair in a towel to remove moisture, then ensure curls hang downwards to keep their shape as the hair dries naturally. Avoid using a brush – use hands to control curls.”