6 Ways To Maintain Your Type 4 Hair


Kinky hair like type 4 may seem robust, and difficult but it’s actually the most fragile hair texture because it has the fewest cuticle layers to protect it from dryness. With the right products such as ORS Olive Oil Fix it No Grease Creme Styler you can do more.  Styling your type 4 hair with the right products can help your type 4 hair to be more revitalized, smoothened and conditions your curls. When styling hair you have to add that natural shine to tame that frizz and make your hair really pretty. 


Type 4 hair struggles to retain moisture most of the times and this is a need for hair naturalists. Coconut Oil is a go-to for this need. The oil is a lightweight oil that enhances reflective lustre without weighing hair down. The rejuvenating properties of coconut oil help type 4 hair to and removes dead skin cells and renew scalp for the utmost healthy environment for the hair to grow in. For your type 4 hair to flourish you have to take care of that scalp/hair by conditioning and adding shine. This will help your hair to also retain moisture and help it grow. 

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Natural hair has a strikingly different texture and beauty. Hair Naturalists often take pride in their hair being so black, curly, but most popular shampoos do not address the needs associated with these hair traits. 

Because of the above qualities, it is so important for hair naturalists to choose a shampoo that is creamy in its shampooing, has a nice replenishing conditioner, that has rich oil moisturizing hair lotion. A good shampoo will help to lock-in moisture for any textured hairstyle. It will help you to bear in mind that whenever there is shine there is moisture and shine is also a good heat protector. 


Many will say deep conditioning of hair owes to be done at least two times a month but deep moisturising every week for type 4 hair is a necessity. Adopting this kind of habit will help keep your hair healthy, very bouncy, and very shiny. ORS Restoring Conditioner offers you good conditioning that will prevent your hair from snagging and tangling. 

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Benefits of ORS Restoring Conditioner

  • Dehydrating damaged hair.
  • Nourishes and conditioning dry strands
  • Help revive damaged hair & improve strength
  • Enhancing hair manageability and shine
  • Promoting a softer, smoother feel
Take care of that Hairline 

Hairlines are a topic of discussion everywhere, especially with type 4 hair. When you have type 4 hair you would rather take care of your hairline and avoid being a subject of mockery to many. 

The issue with type 4 hairlines goes beyond knowing how to lay them, the subject is more about how to care for your edges more strategically and this is imperative for many hairstyles that you choose from.  One can use Long & Lasting Triple oil rescue.

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Long & Lasting Triple Oil Rescue

Benefits of Long & Lasting Triple Oil Rescue 

The product is made to be an intensive rescue hair food for the hairline.

  • AnaGain – stimulating hair growth and fighting hair loss 
  • Olive and jojoba oils with fresh citrus smell-nourishes the scalp
  • The avocado nourishes the scalp and leaves a long-lasting shine
  • Protects the scalp against dryness caused by chemical treatments, heat styling or dry climatic conditions

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Dry scalps tend to create an unhealthy condition for hair to grow in, dry scalp results in dandruff. Dandruff is not good for hair as it clogs the pores and cannot allow hair to grow and breath. Braids tend to allow your hair to not create much dandruff as hair receives enough moisture and relaxation. 

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The benefits of braids include how they are easy to maintain, style and also to manage. For more info, please visit: https://beautysouthafrica.com/brand/ors