Tips & Tricks For Fixing Your Android Phone’s Speakers

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If your Android phone’s speakers suddenly stop working, the root cause could be a range of software or hardware issues. Don’t panic if you suddenly can’t play media or hear a call through the speakers—there are some simple steps you can take that might get them working again.

TCL suggests the following troubleshooting tips and tricks for when your Android device’s speakers go silent:  

Check the volume

Sounds obvious, but sometimes, you’ve simply accidentally turned the volume down or forgotten to increase it after switching it to low. You can adjust the volume by pressing the volume buttons on your phone or going to the settings and adjusting the volume there.

Restart your device

There’s a reason IT support will tell you to turn a non-working device on and off again before trying anything else. Sometimes restarting your phone will resolve software glitches that are causing your speaker issues.

Check mute and do not disturb settings

Ensure that your device is not on silent or “Do Not Disturb” mode, which can mute notifications and sounds. To turn Do Not Disturb on or off, swipe down from the top of your screen. Then tap Do Not Disturb.

Test with different apps

Try playing different types of media (e.g., music, videos, alarms) to ensure the issue isn’t specific to a particular app or type of sound. If it is, you can check in-app or notification settings to see if that’s where the problem is.

Check that the sound isn’t going through earphones

If you recently used headphones through Bluetooth or the earphone jack, make sure they are fully disconnected. The sound might be going through your earbuds rather than the speaker.

Clean the speaker grill

Dust or lint can sometimes clog the speaker grill, reducing sound quality. Carefully clean it with a soft brush or compressed air.

Test with headphones

Connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones or wired headphones to check if you can hear sound through them. This will help confirm if the issue is with the speakers themselves.

Update to the latest version of Android

Make sure your Android operating system is up to date. Sometimes, system updates can fix bugs that affect sound.

Safe mode

Boot your device into Safe Mode. If the speakers work in Safe Mode, it could indicate a third-party app is causing the issue.

Factory reset

If nothing else works, you can try a factory reset as your last resort. This will erase all data and settings on your phone, so back everything up first.

Professional repair

If these steps don’t work, it might mean there’s a hardware problem with your device’s speakers. In this case, contact the manufacturer or a professional technician for repairs.