Steps To Detox Your Scalp At Home

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Whether it’s the first time you’ve heard about a scalp detox or you’ve been doing it for a minute already, here’s everything you need to know–from choosing the best scalp detox products to understanding how to detox your scalp at home. Since our scalp and hair are intricately connected, detoxing your scalp also benefits your hair.

A truly clean scalp demands a reset, and a scalp detox is just that–a good, old-fashioned exfoliation that refreshes your scalp while removing excess oil and impurities like dirt, pollution, and product buildup. To reach this state of bliss you do need to put in a little work, but it’s enjoyable, especially if you like a good scrub.

How do you know if your scalp needs detoxing?

1. You have an itchy or irritated scalp
2. You have visible dandruff, bumps, or buildup
3. Your hair is limp and dull
4. Your hair is producing excess oil
5. Your scalp and hair smell funky
6. You frequently experiment with new hair products
7. You wash your hair infrequently
8. The seasons have changed
9. You simply want your scalp to feel invigorated and energized

Step 1

Apply an anti-buildup scrub directly to your scalp and use your fingertips to massage in tiny circles.

Step 2

Wash your hair with a scalp care shampoo with aloe vera and citric acid to remove up to 100% of residue.

Step 3

Complete your scalp detox regime with a buildup-free conditioner, which moisturizes and softens hair without weight-down, for up to 96 hours of freshness.

Detoxing your scalp is super satisfying, but don’t overdo it – 2x per week is usually enough. Too much scrubbing can actually strip your scalp’s natural oils and perpetuate the problem.