Relaxed Hair Can Be Healthy Hair

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Often the question “can relaxed hair be healthy hair?” is asked when it comes to looking after your relaxed natural hair. And the answer is simply, yes. Using a quality relaxer and looking after your hair correctly after it has been relaxed are the key rules when it comes to keeping your hair in good condition.

“After relaxing your hair, as with all hair styling, it needs to be looked after,” comments Revlon Realistic brand manager. “Being proactive around your haircare and understanding what your hair needs, helps to keep it healthy and looking good.”

When you relax your hair the bonds in the hair that cause it to curl break and creates a smoother, sleeker result. However, these bonds are what also creates strength in your hair, and when these are broken your hair can be more susceptible to breakage.

Following a few tips gives your relaxed hair the TLC it needs to keep it healthy:

  • Relaxed hair needs oil and moisture. When washing your hair, it is important to understand that shampoos can strip the hair of moisture, and following this step with an oil and serum of your choice can help replace and add the moisture your hair needs.
  • Once you have relaxed your hair make sure that you use a neutralising shampoo to neutralise your hair. This will restore the natural pH balance in your hair.
  • Conditioning your relaxed hair once a week is an absolute must.  Deep conditioning and using leave-in conditioners provide the TLC that your hair will need, keeping it soft and manageable.
  • Keep any heat styling to a minimum as this can damage your hair. When you relax your hair, you stretch it, and any unnecessary heat can cause it to break. Try to incorporate styles that don’t require a lot of heat when styling.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb when detangling to stop any stress on the hair which can lead to breakage.
  • Do not relax your hair before the recommended allocated time in between relaxing is completed. Over relaxing will cause damage to your hair.
  • When your ends are dry, trim them. The longer you keep them, the more hair they will damage. Looking after your hair also extends the time between trims.  
  • If you are relaxing your hair at home, be sure to use a quality relaxer that does not only do the job but protects your hair as well. The Revlon Realistic crème relaxer, available for all hair types, leaves your hair stronger, assists in retaining moisture in your hair, and gives you more flexible and easily managed post-relaxed hair. 

“It is important to realise that relaxing your hair will affect your hair, but the final result Is completely up to you,” explains Revlon Realistic. “Looking after your hair and caring for it in the way it needs makes it easier to manage and provides you with beautiful looking hair when you need it.”

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