Reinvent Your Hair Care Routine With Plastic-Free Shampoo

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Biodegradable shampoo breaks down quickly with the help of living organisms, like bacteria. This type of shampoo decomposes into natural elements that can later be reused. Plastic-free shampoo reinvents your hair care routine in a way that is fun and sustainable. But the best part is you never have to compromise quality. From our healthy roots to shining tips, we all have our favourite hair care routine. Here is a list of reasons why you should switch to biodegradable shampoo bars and never look back.

Clean Ingredients

Natural shampoo is packed with clean ingredients that keep your hair feeling soft and beautiful. It’s time to stop using those harsh chemicals and toxins on your hair that comes with traditional shampoo. Using natural shampoo will help you regain pH balance without drying out or damaging your hair.


Why use plastic when you can go plastic-free? The plastic you throw ends up in landfills and oceans, never biodegrading. To put it simply, using plastic hurts our ecosystems. We’re harming soil, water, air, animals, crops and ourselves! Ditch your plastic shampoo bottle and join our mission to protect and conserve our planet.

All Hair Types

Tired of buying a shampoo specifically for men, women, and kids? Or maybe you have thick or frizzy hair and can never seem to find the perfect match. Natural shampoo fits all your needs. Using biodegradable shampoo won’t leave your hair looking oily, dry, itchy, or rough from synthetic chemicals in conventional shampoo.

Bon Voyage Sustainably

Struggling to fit everything in our suitcase before a big trip is a common problem. Luckily, biodegradable shampoo bars are travelling friendly. Due to their small size and packaging, you can easily fit them into any compartment of your suitcase. You can now avoid the chunky shape and size of traditional shampoo!

Long Lasting

A common concern in households is how fast shampoo runs out. It’s even more worrisome for people with long hair. However, biodegradable shampoo bars last longer than traditional shampoo.

Simple Steps to Using Your Shampoo Bar

  1. Apply your shampoo bar to wet hair.
  2. Work into a lather and massage into your hair and scalp.
  3. Watch it foam up and rinse thoroughly!

There you have it! It’s as easy as 1-2-3. You can transform your hair care routine into a sustainable one with no extra steps or effort. 

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