Lockdown Hairstyle Advice To Pass The Time

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There is nowhere to go this during this lockdown because of COVID -19. However, there is a need to care for your hair and make sure it is healthy for all the other activities that you like to do as soon as we can go out and live healthy lives.  

Below are some of the hairstyles that you can do to pass the time and products to help you maintain the moisture and healthiness of your hair. 

Loose Cornrows 

This style is not just designed for kids, athletes, and men. It is also a style statement for women who want to give their hair a break from chemical treatments or heat styling. Cornrows can have many variations to them, for instance, one can add extensions and an afro puff extension If you do not want to wear plain cornrows, you can add ponytail extensions to achieve a different look while in this lockdown. One can ask how to care for their cornrows if they get smelly and they do not want to undo them because they have no one to do them again. A simple solution can be to use Vatika Afro Naturals Co-Wash to try and remove a bit of build-up and to also give the rows a fresh smell. After one can use ORS Hair food to create moisture underneath and give hair deserved nourishment.

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Bantu knots 

Bantu knots are a good statement piece mainly because they have travelled across time and are still treasured to this day. Bantu Knots are a go to if you want to protect your hair because they are very accommodating as they do not take into account your hair length and hair textures. One can use Long & Lasting Triple Rescue while they do bantu knots as they do not damage hair line and this is an opportunity to help your hairline revive. Alternatively of you have done them using braids you can use ORS Black Castor Oil Braid Spray.

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Box Braids

A usual go-to is Box braids as they are super awesome when one is looking for a good protective style. Box braids are used to grow hair while rocking extensions which is a plus. from popular celebrities and statement looks these braids can shield your natural hair and still maintain your style. The braids would need caring and as well as your hair and you can make use of Long & Lasting Braid Spray and Vatika Afro Natural Oil. The spray will keep the braids fresh and the Oil will help your hair grow. 

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Natural Flat Twist Style

Flat twists are a very impressive and neat way to give hair an opportunity to grow fast especially on your way to bed. They also help grow your edges and enrich your texture. The biggest plus, these flats are easy to do and saves time and do not require much skill to do. One can use ORS Argan Oil to help strengthen their hair as they do this hairstyle. one can also use ORS Black Castor Hair Oil this will help your hair regain its rich texture especially if you were suffering from hair fall and week edges. 

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