Why You Keep Attracting The Same Men And How To Stop

Photo by KaLisa Veer on Unsplash

I know how frustrating it can be. You’re smart, successful, attractive and have your life together on all levels, except you’re getting absolutely nowhere in your love life.

You’re working hard at dating and finding love. You’re open, available and putting yourself out there.

You’re meeting men and going on dates. Sometimes it even feels like this is going somewhere and then… BOOM!

>> He pulls away

>> Or he disappears

>> cheats

>> Or tells you he isn’t ready for a commitment right now

And you’re struggling to understand exactly WHY?!?

I’m not here to beat around the bush. We would have to agree that the common denominator in all of your relationships so far is YOU!

There is something that you’re doing that is bringing these men to you and until you identify and address it, this is going to keep on happening over and over again. It’s called your relationship pattern. It’s a subconscious, automatic brain pattern and it’s keeping you stuck.

Your brain has been hardwired to experience chemistry and love in a certain way. And it’s not in a good way, or a way that is serving you to a healthy, lasting relationship.

It’s a cycle that will continue to repeat itself until such time that you make a drastic shift.

To make that shift, you need to be totally committed.

It requires:

  1. Identifying and replacing limiting beliefs with empowered beliefs
  2. Creating emotional safety and stability for yourself – rather than expecting a man to fulfill that need
  3. Learning (perhaps for the first time) what a healthy relationship looks like

I help women who are stuck in negative and destructive relationship patterns break free from those patterns and then I help them create a clear strategy to change their life and the outcome of their love life once and for all.

Your love life is the most important aspect of your life because the quality of your love relationship will impact the quality of every other area of your life.

It’s not about meeting any guy that would stick around.

It’s about meeting YOUR GUY.


Who LOVES you.


Treats you like his QUEEN.

I know it’s exhausting and I know you want change, yet you have no frame of reference for a healthy relationship so doing this yourself is close to impossible.

You were meant for so much more!

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