Women Making Waves In A Male-Dominated World

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Leading from the top in a high-pressure environment.

Hawk Pumps is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-pressure pump equipment and accessories, and the company’s staff members embody a “Can Do” attitude. Though one might expect the world of high-pressure pumps to be a largely male-dominated industry, women are stepping up too.

Sheree Breitenbach – Workshop Administrator and Technician – and Pascale Pillay – Internal Sales Representative – are two women who have joined the growing female squad at Hawk.

About Sheree:

When Sheree was offered a chance to be a part of the workshop team at Hawk Pumps, she embraced her role with great enthusiasm. She has since taken on a dual role, handling administrative duties as well as repair work.

As a female technician, Sheree is a true stand-out, as it is not common for a woman to assume that role in the workshop. Getting her hands dirty as a dedicated technician is all in a day’s work, and every day is a new adventure for Sheree. In her administrative role, she is always ahead of the pack, ensuring that procedures are in place to keep the workshop running as smoothly as possible and customers are always kept happy.

Sheree believes that everything has its place and takes great pleasure in seeing the fruits of her labour come to life. Her long-term vision is to take over the management of the workshop and lead the team, using her organisational acumen to drive world-class quality control and long-term success.

About Pascale:

Pascale’s in-depth knowledge of Hawk’s products and services put her at the forefront of the sales team. She openly shares valuable advice with customers who are unsure of their requirements, is singularly focused on customer service, and follows up on leads at high speed.

Pascale is a consummate multi-tasker with a real head for business and adds value for her customers and colleagues with an infectious laugh and great sense of humor. Perhaps the incredible rhythm she achieves in her work is related to her childhood desire to become a choreographer. While that may sound like a far cry from being an expert sales consultant, Pascale finds her own music in the work she does every day, sharing her passion with customers and colleagues alike.

Women on the move

Hawk Pumps believes in providing equal opportunities for all and values the contribution every team member makes on a daily basis to make the company a success. And the women who are currently excelling in their roles as part of the team are testament to the fact that gender is irrelevant where true hard work and dedication shine through.

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