Inspiring Working Women – One Step At A Time

Anja van Beek
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After being part of the corporate world for more than two decades, I was in dire need of a change. I left my permanent role looking to find a sense of balance and, at the same time, a new challenge that will stretch my abilities in a different way. Although I was not sure what my next chapter will look like, I was committed to building a business where I can inspire and influence others.

In my corporate role, I have seen many people getting stuck. I have also witnessed the impact of a toxic culture. With this in mind, I knew that where I go next, I had to make a difference on a personal and an organisational level.

The focus in my business is therefore two-fold: I partner with leaders and HR Teams on all people related matters with a specific focus on adopting an agile mindset. I emphasize the importance of human centricity in a world where artificial intelligence and technology is taking away the human connection.
In the coaching side of my business, I partner with individuals that need an outside-in approach. I support them to get clarity on their current reality, their ambition and what they want to achieve. Most importantly, I support them to turn their ambitions into reality.

I epitomize women who reinvent themselves and create a life where they can flourish. I’m passionate about creating environments where people can thrive. As an international speaker and a regular contributor to the leadership field and the future of work discussions, I promote the benefit of human centricity. As a thought leader in the Agile Leadership space, a proud moment was when I was one of the first, worldwide, to complete and be authorized as an instructor of the Agile Talent track.

It is a privilege to have many opportunities to influence a wide audience. This ranges from being a regular guest on a national radio station’s feature called “World of Work”, to being published in many local and international outlets; my advice is often shared in a women’s monthly magazine as expert advice of work-related issues.

A recent profile about me was published in Sunday Times in the My Brilliant Career feature: Click here.