#WIB-Q&A With Dr Karabo Tlale Director Of Sensual You Skincare

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1. Can you please tell us more about your business?

A. With my Sensual You skincare business, the manufacturer makes the products. We have already launched the body butter, body scrub and the firming gel for cellulite. Soon we will be launching the tissue oil and skin conditioning cream. The PR and Brand Network handles all marketing and sales of Sensual You skincare products.

 2. When, how and why did you start your business?

A. I am a specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and I have been in practice for 12 years. In 2016, I started working on a body care range. This was motivated by observing my skin getting dry, especially in winter and starting to show aging signs. A month ago, we launched our first product, the Sensual You Body Butter which will soon be followed by a body scrub, a firming gel and tissue oil.

3. What is your role in the business?

A. I am the Director of the company.

4. Where did you study and what did you study?

A. My studying started quite a while ago. I firstly did a BSc degree, then a degree in medicine (MBChB) and specialised in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, followed by a Masters degree in medicine.

5. How did you finance your business?

A. My business was self-funded form the inception stage right through to the present.

6. How do you balance your home life and your work life?

A. I am a mom of two; a boy aged 10 and a girl aged six. Every day starts with preparing the kids for school, then doing school drop off. I then go back home to get ready for work. My practice runs from 9:30 to 13:00 hours most days, where after I pick up my kids from school. The evenings are about doing homework and after putting my kids to sleep, I reflect on my day and do any work that needs my attention.

7. What drives you and inspires you?

A. I get inspired by hard work with positive results, looking at men and women leaders who continue influencing society positively and seek to improve humanity. I am also driven by the changes I make in other people’s lives.

8. Where and when do you have your best ideas?

A. My best ideas pop up in the early hours of the morning – that’s when I find myself solving problems and coming up with new ideas. It’s the best time for me to reflect.

9. Where and how do you market/advertise your business for sales leads?

A. Our marketing is mainly on social media platforms. We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

10. What is next for your business?

A. Soon we will be launching the tissue oil and skin conditioning cream. Next for the business is growth. 

11. What advice would you give to female entrepreneurs hoping to start their own business?

A. The advice I would give to female entrepreneurs hoping to start their own business is to aim high and to persevere in every plan they have. Staying focused is the key to success.

Short Bio:

Dr Karabo Juliet Tlale is a specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist at the Netcare Waterfall City Hospital in Midrand, Johannesburg. She has worked at the hospital since it opened in 2011 and was previously practicing at Life Carstenhof Hospital since 2009.

Her qualifications include, but are not limited to, a MMed (obstetrics and gynaecology) from the University of the Witwatersrand, a Fellowship of the College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of South Africa FCOG(SA) and a MBChB from Medunsa (now the Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University).

Additionally, she holds a Certificate in Endoscopy from the World School of Endoscopy in India and a Certificate in Reproductive Medicine, which she obtained at the Kiel School of Reproductive Medicine in Germany.    

In 2007, Karabo received the ELISE BOES prize for excellent research work and presentation on symphysis fundal height measurement in predicting the birth weight of a newborn. Karabo is also a founder of Planned Adulthood, which aims to prepare teenagers as they transition to becoming young adults.

Contact details:

Mobile: 082 961 3801

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Twitter: @Sensualyou1


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