SA Born Helen Müller Becomes Top Entrepreneurship Coach

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True fulfillment has long been the inherent need of human beings, yet it has also been elusive to many, creating confusion and feelings of hopelessness. The prolonged effects of the Covid-19 pandemic is amplifying this need now more than ever and is why it is a fundamental opportunity to level up and live one’s full potential.

South African born, Helen Müller is the founder of You, Me and Happiness, author of a book by the same title as well as another book – Four Keys to Happiness. She is a DNA upgrade specialist and fulfillment coach to entrepreneurs. Helen places a lot of value on focus, when it comes to coaching top entrepreneurs and leaders who have an impact on a large scale, but also in how she spreads her message of happiness.

Helen says, “In every moment we have the ability to choose how we perceive a situation.” She encourages everyone to focus on optimal health, rather than a virus, on compassion rather than judgment, on strength and resilience rather than acting from a place of being a victim, on collaboration rather than competition. “When you are happy and positive, in a vibration of love, joy and peace it heals and conquers all,” adds Helen.

What is Happiness really? Is it possible to be happy all the time? If you are brave enough to embark on a journey to true inner fulfillment then her 365-day You, Me and Happiness: a Methodology for fulfillment guide which is available on Amazon will delight you with joy and amazement. Born and raised in Mossel Bay, Helen enjoys a lifestyle of wildly intuitive traveling and has visited over 35 countries, 13 of which she has lived in.

She has since gained global popularity for her quest to Build a World of Happiness for All. She helps top entrepreneurs and leaders around the world find true inner fulfillment and become super-efficient using natural bio-hacks of which one is a specialized skill.

As a DNA-Upgrade specialist, she removes mental blocks in 15 minutes remotely over a phone call. “We are in a time of great opportunity to tap into a technology stored within the cells of our body and new science is backing this right now” concludes Helen.

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