This Firebrand Has Ignited A Gem In The Digital & Social Media Marketing Space!

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Bearing a surname that relates to fire in Afrikaans and the creation of an identity in English, it is little wonder that Verné Brand has ignited a gem in the Digital and Social Media Marketing space in South Africa – Bluestone Digital!

Verné Brand is quiet spoken and unassuming, but don’t be fooled by her pleasant demeanour. She is a committed, dynamic female Entrepreneur who achieves exactly what she sets out to do, for herself, her business, and of course the clients who benefit from utilising her impressive skills to boost their brands and position themselves above their competitors in an incredibly competitive environment. 

A Bluestone blueprint for blue-chip results!

So what is it exactly that has made this dynamic young woman so successful in an industry that can at best be described as cut-throat and difficult? Well, it is a combination of credentials and skills that come only from hard work and paying one’s dues. With experience in both traditional marketing and the digital and e-commerce space, in both B2B and Retail, Verné utilises proven marketing methodology and applies it to modern work processes. 

This has paid off handsomely and today allows Bluestone Digital to offer a plethora of services to clients from Marketing Strategy, Campaign Management, Online Advertising, and Social Media Marketing to Website Design, Content Writing, Graphic Design – and more.

In her own words

Would-be Entrepreneurs and any aspiring marketing graduates would do well to heed some of the advice that Verné is happy to share. She feels blessed by having been raised by a single parent father who taught his children from a young age the value of independent thinking, so she learned to ‘walk the talk’ and take action for the goals she set out to achieve – and do it to the best of her ability.

‘’When I have made up my mind, I stick to it, whatever the decision. It is very difficult to persuade me to change it once I reach this stage,’’ she says with a smile, but you know she is deadly sincere!

‘’I walk in every customer’s shoes before devising a strategy for their business and don’t treat any customer like just another project.’’ she continues ‘’In this way I relate to my clients, knowing that every customer is unique and I too can learn from their ideas for their own enterprises.’’

From a more technical point of view, Verné makes use of an analytical approach and an integrated marketing strategy to help identify gaps and opportunities, and this results in a comprehensive report outlining a project plan with precise timelines and cost analysis. These tailor-made strategies comprise the quality services that help each client to achieve their marketing goals quickly and seamlessly whilst progress is constantly monitored. 

Awards and accolades

Over the years, Verné has been rewarded with various awards and accolades like: the Change Maker Award – The implementation of the e-commerce platform at the Caterpillars yearly Dealer Marketing in 2017; The Award for Online Marketing – The Caterpillar’s Yearly Dealer Marketing Awards in 2015, 

and second place for ‘Most Current Digital Marketing’ at the Caterpillars in 2014.

Always looking to the future, however, Verné believes her greatest reward is that she is now looking to expand her business so she can continue to grow and service more clients in better ways and achieve even more impressive results for them.

Fiercely loyal, highly ethical, and a born networker who values relationships above all else, it is little wonder that this firebrand has ignited a gem in the Digital and Social Media Marketing space – and it is one that will shine brightly for many years to come!

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