#SprayItForward – Q&A with Doctor Kanaris

Q&A with Amanda Du Pont
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OmniProtect has partnered with SA celebrities and personalities to donate 4000 liters of liquid sanitizer to 4 communities in need.

Q. Can you tell us more about the #SprayItForward campaign and how did you get involved? 

A. On returning for a conference I presented at in Miami, all my international doctors WhatsApp groups were going crazy, with the only topic suddenly being COVID-19. So I was chatting daily even hourly with colleagues around the world about their situations with COVID19. Italian doctors, Chinese doctors…I’d say I recognised the danger Corona posed especially in our clinic.

We were one of the first medical aesthetic practices to close our doors in the hope of flattening the curve. Being an A-type personality, I couldn’t sit home and relax, I had to find purpose. I had to know at the end of the day that goals were achieved and I was doing something in my own capacity to help. So I started working with an NGO sourcing Masks and protective equipment for doctors on the front line.

I was then approached by a government official, to help get sponsorship of soaps for the informal settlements. So I started approaching complexes, road closures, and literally my entire phonebook to collect soaps and it was so impressive how many people gave. It was all over my social media so a lot of people saw and became involved. That’s when Omniprotect contacted me. How could I say no to 1 ton of sanitizer going to such a good cause.

Q. What goal do you think celebrities and sports stars should have during this crisis?

A.  Well I guess I fall into a different group as I have a medical background. But I think that above all South Africans need to be educated about this virus and how to protect themselves. Celebrities are in a unique position where suddenly their reach is so far with social media. The general public look up to them and they can be such a positive influence.

Q. What are the goals of this campaign  and how do the goals align with your personal brand?

A. Sprayitforward” says it all. To help the less fortunate. Give to the people who need it most

Q. How important is hygiene now in the current circumstances of the COVID19 virus?

A, The first step in virus prevention is wash your hands/sanitize your hands. There has never been a more important time in this century for people to adhere to strict hygiene controls. Washing hands, sterilising surfaces, social distancing and mask wearing.

Q. What steps are you taking at home with your family during this time and what tips do you have to share?

A. In the last 7 weeks we have literally only left the house for groceries. So a very strict isolation protocol. I ensure that when outside packages are brought into the house all surfaces are sprayed outside. All shoes soles are sprayed, we shower and change clothes immediately. I’ve been playful with my kids, so they can enjoy wearing their masks. We played around singing different songs whilst washing our hands to figure out which song best fits 20 seconds. I get them involved in sanitizing surfaces, computer screens, tabletops, door handles.

Q. What message of inspiration do you have for the South African public?

A. We will get through this. We just need to stand together and all comply with the regulations for the greater good of everybody.

Q. Why is this particular aerosol sanitizer important?

A. It is recommended 70% to kill the virus. It is great as it is easy to use, doesn’t leave large amounts of residue and wet patches, and non-irritating to the skin.