New Mobile Touchless Hand Sanitising Station To Stop The Spread Of Germs

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The challenges of COVID-19 are being met head-on by many companies but local entrepreneur, Arnold Jardim, has come up with a truly innovative and practical first for South Africa – a touchless, mobile hand sanitising unit that doesn’t rely on electricity.

Jardim, the managing director of Dezign A Door, a bespoke cabinetry company strongly believes the war against the highly contagious virus will be best fought with soap and water – and should be delivered through a hand washing solution that is as touchless as possible.

Jardim says that when you disinfect your hands you need to sanitise the entire surface of the hands and fingers and the best way – the gold standard in true sanitising – remains washing with soap and water. “Soap destroys the layer of fat (lipid envelope) encasing the virus and the action of vigorous rubbing followed by drying with a clean hand [paper] towel beats using hand sanitisers often manufactured with questionable ingredients.

Not all hand sanitisers are created equal; some are even toxic – leaving South Africans with nasty rashes. With increasing evidence suggesting that fly by nights are making inferior cheap sanitisers that are actually harmful – we opted for a unit that uses water.”

Each self-contained touchless station has a built-in hand basin and comes standard with a pump, plumbing, and water storage [50L capacity]. The units are fully customisable and can be manufactured with a conventional turn on the tap or a touch-free option that’s activated with motion sensors – limiting physical contact with the unit and any possible germs.

Built-in casters make the portable unit easy to move and roll from one location to another and – because it’s powered by rechargeable 12v batteries – the clutter of unsightly cords and cables is avoided. There’s no need to find plug points and the batteries should last for about 300 – 20-second washes before needing to be recharged.

The compact units can be made in any melamine colour, plywood, wood grain, or gloss finishes. The end result is a highly functional, practical yet aesthetically appealing station. “The units are stylish by design – and can be made to fit in with existing décor to avoid being an eyesore,” says Jardim.

“Schools, boutiques, retail outlets, conferencing venues, hotels, sports venues and churches all need to prepare for the management of the outbreak in the long-term and we can manufacture them in a bespoke manner that fits in with their brand.”

Optional extras like a mirror, soap, and paper towel dispensers and a bin can also be added to these touchless units – tailored for style and safety. “We realised early on in the outbreak that as a truly South African company we wanted to be part of the solution and we needed to find a way to help contain cross-contamination.

We set out to find a way to minimise surface contact – coupled with the most effective approach to rigorous hand sanitising. We believe our new mobile made-to-order handwashing units are a practical solution for safe hand sanitising on the move and will help stop the spread of deadly germs,” concludes Jardim. 

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