Keep Kids Entertained With The Edufun Activity E-Book

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With the past few months being nothing short of an exhausting rollercoaster ride, which none of us chose to get on, we hear a collective sigh of relief from parents all around as things slowly start falling into place again.   

While many parents will still choose to home school and school hours will be significantly shortened, Dried Fruit South Africa realised it is time to create their first-ever Edufun Activity E-Book.  

A 36-page printable book that encourages kids to engage in fruitful, exciting, and educational activities to keep their brains active and engaged. 

This downloadable, gender-neutral e-book is multi-cultural, and its colourful pages are full of fun and educational content to stimulate young minds, creativity, and most importantly teach them about the importance of a balanced diet and the health benefits of dried fruit

There are more than enough fun activities to keep you and your kids busy for hours on end with familiar favourites such as colouring-in pages, memory games, and easy recipes.  The highlights of the book are the customisable fruit characters that can be created according to each child’s preference, the lunchbox ideas (it’s our pleasure moms), and a fun science experiment. 

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EduFun Activity E-Book

Games and fun activities are one of the most straightforward approaches to engage with a child while learning. They certainly assist with improving the enthusiasm of children to learn and can prove beneficial to increase little one’s attention span.  

It also teaches them to recognise different dried fruits and encourage them to experiment with new foods, tastes, flavours, colours, and textures. 

The benefits of dried fruit can often be overlooked but it’s one snack that should always be readily available in all our homes due to their nutritious benefits.  They are filled with loads of vitamins, nutrients, and fibre to support the immune system, which is now more important than ever with kids returning to school after this long hiatus.  Dried fruit contains no added sugar, is vegan friendly and the perfect naturally sweet solution to daily snack cravings in those lunchboxes. 

While we are all about learning and fun, we reckon it might be a bonus if all our kids decided to choose the real goodness of dried fruit instead of sweets after this.

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