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THE COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world with astonishing speed, and businesses are having to adapt and evolve accordingly.  It is a fact that in times of crisis, the opportunity presents itself to turn massive trials into meaningful change. 

To help South African business owners and entrepreneurs navigate their way forward, a mentoring service called the Business Salon has been launched by Executive Life Coach, Jason Bernic, which is a unique “think tank” for those who want to take their businesses to the next level.

Bernic, who doesn’t charge for the Business Salon, explains that he conceptualised the group as he saw a need for business leaders to have a forum where they could gather with like-minded individuals to discuss their ideas, plans, and thoughts, be challenged, get valuable input from other visionaries and be held accountable for their actions – “a bit like a Dragon’s Den of sorts.”

“The times we find ourselves in have presented unprecedented challenges to business leaders who must navigate the financial and operational trials presented through the pandemic while rapidly addressing the changing needs of their people, customers, and suppliers.  This makes NOW the perfect time for businesses to hone and develop the skills, capabilities, and competencies that they need to excel and move to the next level of success. 

Whether it is to expand or adapt a service offering, change operations and processes, adopt new technology and automation, amend cost structures, embrace e-commerce – the list is extensive.  The reality is clear, this is the time to begin a new era of business. The rules have changed. Employee and customer behaviours have changed and for the bold and creative business leader there are many exciting opportunities presenting themselves.”

Bernic explains that the Business Salon, which launched in July, is an intimate group with limited numbers who get together once a month at his offices in Bryanston, Johannesburg, for an intensive three hour think tank and interactive discussion.  “This is the only group session that I offer which is exclusively face-to-face because it is only through real-life interaction that the group can create the depth of connection and impact we want.”

“This dynamic group sees crises as an opportunity to serve their clients better than ever before. We are excited about the future and want to explore ways to create massive success!  Every session follows an agreed-upon objective and every member of the group participates equally.  It is not about getting compliments or pleasing people, but rather it is about moving out of your comfort zone and having one’s ideas dissected, analyzed, challenged, celebrated, and discussed in detail by clever thinking partners so that participants can take their businesses to the next level.”

“I am extremely excited to have launched the Business Salon which allows me to take my passion for coaching in both the private and executive space and use it to assist South African business leaders,” concludes Bernic, who, when not facilitating the Business Salon focuses his energy on one-on-one coaching, and also offers a range of innovative group coaching services.

For more information visit  or  Email Jason Bernic on  Alternatively, contact Jason on 010 300 0801. #JasonBernicCoach