Capetonian Woman Arrested In Oman – Seeking Legal Assistance From South Africa

The family of Chloe Collins are in utter shock and despair after her detainment and arrest in Oman in the Middle East where she had been working in the hospitality industry.

The family believes that Chloe has been wrongfully detained and may be denied the right to a fair trial and access to justice.  

Chloe, from Kraaifontein in the Western Cape, arrived in Oman in April 2019. However, less than 3 weeks, after arriving in Oman, she was detained by police in that country.


Details of the case are unclear at this juncture. As Chloe currently has no legal representation in Oman, the family have no access to the formal charges and police dockets. What could be ascertained, is that Chloe’s brother, diagnosed with Schizophrenia and currently in a mental institution is SA, is suspected of the potential involvement in a crime in the country before returning to South Africa. He has not been charged with any crime. Oman authorities arrested her in the wake of investigations and are now demanding his return in exchange for her.


Chloe has been held in police custody since 9 May 2019. Unless legal representation can be secured in Oman, Chloe will be transferred to a larger prison where conditions are fearful.

Chloe’s divorced parents have no means to finance legal fees. A Back-a-Buddy campaign has been created for donations to assist with these expenses. 

The past few months have been absolute torture. Chloe has been interrogated about the incident, in a foreign language, without legal representation for many hours.  The right to a fair trial and access to justice are not assured.

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While funds are appreciated, the family’s primary request is for the public to share social media posts, sign the petition on, and create awareness around Chloe’s plight. Even with legal assistance, we believe without diplomatic intervention, Chloe may be detained for a very long time.

We implore the South African Government to assist to #FreeChloe.