Give Mom A Break With Buchu This Mother’s Day

Buchu Detox Tea range
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We all know that mothers are superheroes under normal circumstances but, under the new normal of a national lockdown, most moms have gone beyond their usual superhero status. The moms of today are juggling work, housekeeping, childcare, and even home-schooling, all amid a global pandemic – even more reason to give Mom a day off this Mother’s Day.

You may not be able to spoil mom with a spa day or weekend getaway, but you can create a moment for her to unwind and refresh, with the natural goodness of Buchu. Buchu grows only in the Western Cape of South Africa and is well-known for its incredible health properties.

Take a tea break

Create the perfect teatime treat for Mom with the Cape Kingdom Buchu Detox Tea range. This organic, caffeine-free, naturally flavoured tea contains no artificial sweeteners or sugars. Buchu not only aids in detoxing but also keeps your immune system strong during the winter months when one is typically plagued with colds and flu.

Chill out

For the last few days of summer, create a refreshing, chilled drink for warmer weather with the Buchu Detox Tea. It helps the body flush out toxins; relieving the symptoms of poor digestion, bloating, and constipation. With a range of tasty flavours, there’s a tea break for every kind of superhero Mom.

Afternoon delight

To unwind after a long day, there are few things as refreshing as a chilled cocktail. But that drink doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Combine your favourite gin with a chilled Buchu water for a local, Fybnos infused flavour. Not only will you unwind after a long day, but you’ll benefit from this wonder herb, as Buchu helps to balance blood sugar levels, lowers blood pressure, and promotes a healthy cardiovascular system.

Not only will Mom have a break from her busy schedule, but she’ll also benefit from an immune boost to keep her healthy and strong.

The Buchu Detox Tea comes in a range of flavours. Buchu & Lemongrass, Buchu & Mint, Buchu & Ginger, Buchu & Cinnamon, Buchu, and Green Rooibos and Buchu Natural and are available for home delivery from TakeAlot, Dischem and Wellness Warehouse.