Top Tables: 4 Rules To Live And Dine By

a dinning room table and chairs
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The dining room is a central focus in any home: It’s the place your gather with your loved ones to share meals and make memories. But creating the perfect place for your family to gather has become a bit of a challenge in the modern world of busy schedules and smaller spaces.

“The dining room is a special place in every home to celebrate family milestones and have quality time with your loved ones. But how do you create an ambiance that will leave you wanting to linger around the table longer with your loved ones? Choosing the best dining table for your home is a great start,” says Alon Sachs co-founder of Mobelli Furniture + Living

Sachs suggests the following tips to choose your perfect table: Top tables

Finding your fit

With a plethora of dining table styles on the market, making the right choice can be an overwhelming task. The overall style of your home should inform your choice, but also speak to your needs, explains Sachs.

For instance, if your dining area is an extension of your kitchen or lounge, or is frequently used for homework and crafts, you could consider a more casual style of table. Whereas if you have a big family that comes over often, you may want to look for an extendable table.

Room to grow

A key factor to consider before buying a dining table is the room in which it will stand.

“Make sure you measure your space before you purchase your new furniture. A simple guideline would be to follow the ⅔ rule: This means that your dining table should take up ⅔ of the length of the nearest wall,” explains Sachs.

Keep in mind how many people can be seated around the table and allow at least one metre between the table and wall so people can easily move around.

Puzzle out your pieces

While planning how your table will fit in your room, allow the layout to inform the shape and size of your table. If you have an open plan living space, choose a shape – be it rectangular, square or round – that will complement other furnishings in the space, suggests Sachs.

The number of seats you need will also influence which shape you choose. Rectangular tables are the most popular because they offer the most versatile seating options, but extendable tables offer a great alternative for occasional entertaining.

Best buy

Decide on a budget ahead of time and let this inform the style of the table you consider. If you have a limited budget, consider other materials than wood: Glass or marble look finishing can offer a more budget-friendly alternative.

“While it may be tempting to buy an inexpensive table, what you save in money you will lose in quality. A dining table is a statement piece that needs to have longevity in your home. Rather invest in – quality items, or you may find yourself replacing it sooner than you expected,” cautions Sachs.

Your dining area should reflect your personality and lifestyle, so choose a table that speaks to this, suggest Sachs.

“This is an area you’ll want to spend time in, ensure you create a comfortable space allowing you to create many memories,” he concludes.