The Coolest Braai Area Ideas for Your Home

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Braais are a part of South Africa’s social culture. Having an ideal braai area that not only accommodates your needs but also leaves an impression on visitors is important. While not everyone may have the space and financial resources for some massive, sleek, and savvy braai area that dreams are made of, it’s still possible to create a budget-friendly braai area that is stylish and in tune with modern outdoor trends.

Here are the coolest braai area ideas for your home

Style and comfort

A braai area is not just an ordinary space. It must reflect the standards you have set for the interior of your home. You can choose fabrics for the couches that are moisture resistant with finishes that don’t easily wear out due to harsh weather conditions like sun, strong wind, and possibly showers.


Braai areas are usually outdoors. You need to consider constantly fluctuating weather conditions. In the absence of a roof extension, you need to ensure the braai area has some shade in case of scorching sunshine or showers. You can consider a beach size umbrella and possibly an outdoor heater for days when temperatures slightly drop.


You can accessorise the braai area by carefully and strategically placing patio decorations, potted plants, cushioned seating, outdoor rugs, side tables, and possibly a snooker table or gaming area nearby. You just need to be mindful of the space available as you do this because a braai area is a play area.

Sufficient work surface

It’s easy to think meat preparation, cutting, and dressing will be done from the indoor kitchen. You can opt to do all this outdoors by creating enough space to prep food and store utensils. A workspace will allow you to get everyone involved if they so wish without facing issues of overcrowding in that indoor kitchen you use for cooking.

Braai trolley

Good utensils are a must for any braai area and hygiene is of utmost importance. You need to consider how utensils and tools will be stored and moved around. A sizeable braai trolley is the answer in this regard.


Greens add a fresh feel to the braai area but plants can also come in handy when braaiing. Imagine grabbing a lemon for dressing from a nearby lemon tree? You can therefore plant some herbs and plants around your braai area for seasoning.

Ventilation and lighting

Braai areas are characterised by smoke. You can minimise the aspect of catching smoke and that smell by putting in place a good chimney. For proper lighting especially during the evening, eco-friendly overhead lighting should be considered.


What type of floor should a braai area have? Is it stone, tile, bricks, or wood? Ideally, you must choose a floor that poses less risk to people and possibly the environment. You can opt for natural wooden flooring which has an outdoor appeal, is easy to maintain, and less dangerous for children and adults to fall on after having one too many.


What’s a braai without great music and possibly a quick glance at your favourite sports team playing a match? You can take care of this by buying wireless speakers or a flat-screen television.

The ideas provided above will assist you with creating a classy and conducive braai area where great fun and sizzling meals can be enjoyed.

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