Eggs: The Budget-Beating Protein For Every Meal Of The Day

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The cost of living in South Africa is continually rising; from petrol to power, we’re paying more for everything – and that includes our food. Protein sources are one of the most expensive items on the family shopping list, which is why eggs are making their way onto the menu as an affordable protein source that’s suitable for all meals, not just breakfast!

They may be small, but eggs pack a powerful punch in the protein department (7 grams of protein in one large egg) and are cost-effective additions to almost every meal, compared to many other fresh protein sources. So much so, that the International Egg Commission maintains that eggs are currently ‘the most economical way’ for many people around the world to eat high-quality protein.

Eggs are one of the most nutrient-dense foods available. They are rich in healthy nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals, but low in unhealthy saturated fats, sugar, and salt (sodium). They have been shown to play a beneficial role in eye and heart health, in muscle building, and in maintaining your immune system.

Eggs may also help you to reduce your energy intake and lose weight. Several studies have shown that having eggs for breakfast may lead to decreased feelings of hunger and fewer cravings throughout the day, aiding weight loss.

But eggs are not only good for breakfast. One of the best attributes of the humble egg is its versatility. It adds a burst of satisfying deliciousness to snacks, lunches, dinners, starters, main courses, and even lunchboxes.

This winter we’re serving up eggs in the most fabulous ways: whisked into quiches, pasta carbonara, and a vanilla batter for upsized French toast. Baked with roast vegetables, in shakshuka (spiced tomato and red pepper sauce) and in baked huevos rancheros (with tortillas, tomato sauce, and cheese). And curried in nasi goreng, egg curry, and as deviled eggs with a twist.

We’re snacking on egg pie, Scotch eggs, toad in the hole, and egg salad, and adding boiled eggs and egg mayo sarmies to school lunchboxes.

Our favourite recipe this season has got to be the open omelette which is not only a quick and easy lunch or lazy Sunday night meal, but it can be totally customised to suit your family’s tastes using pretty much anything in your fridge (leftovers for the win!).

So, if you’re looking for affordable protein-based meals that won’t break the bank, think eggs…and think beyond breakfast!

Open Omelette

Serves 1


·       1 tablespoon cooking oil

·       ½ cup white button mushrooms

·       1 teaspoon crushed garlic

·       1 tablespoon butter

·       3 eggs

·       Salt and pepper to taste

·       4-6 cocktail tomatoes, halved

·       10g baby spinach

·       10g wild rocket

·       1 tablespoon feta, crumbled


1.      In a large skillet over medium to high heat, heat the cooking oil and sauté the mushrooms and garlic for about 3-4 minutes and set aside in a separate dish.

2.      Using the same pan, add the butter, making sure to swirl it around to evenly coat the pan.

3.      Once butter is melted, add 3 seasoned and beaten eggs to the pan and reduce the heat to low–medium.

4.      Let the eggs cooks until the surface is no longer runny.

5.      Add the previously cooked mushrooms along with the sliced cocktail tomatoes, baby spinach and wild rocket.

6.      Sprinkle feta over the top and serve immediately with your choice of toasted bread.

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