An Invitation With A Twist… How To Host A Coffee Tasting

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During winter it is so easy to hibernate at home and not venture out until the weather is warmer, but why not try something different and bring your friends and family together for a little warmth during this time of the year? Coffee tastings are a great way to tempt other coffee lovers over to your place and create some fun with a difference.

“Being home in winter is so easy, but as humans are social beings, it is important to keep in touch with people who make us laugh to help us enjoy ourselves,” explains Thokozane Radebe, brand manager for L’OR coffee capsules. “Why not use coffee to get everyone together? And, if you are someone who enjoys being in bed early in the evenings, a coffee tasting is perfectly suitable to take place during the morning or daytime. Brunch is a great opportunity to try out some new, potential, famous blends.”

When it comes to hosting a coffee tasting you only need a few essentials:

  • A variety of good coffee. L’OR has a diverse range of quality blends to enjoy. They range in different intensities and flavour notes. When using capsule coffee for your coffee tasting, a capsule machine in good working order is needed. Don’t be shy to borrow one if you need another (depending on the number of guests you have). Place the capsules to be used for the tasting in separate bowls, so as not to mix up the blends. This way when the blends are revealed the guests can remember which one is their favourite.  
  • Enough coffee mugs and cups to go around. As this is a coffee tasting you don’t need to fill the cups to the top. A small amount is all that is needed for the tasting. This gives the drinker the chance to taste the coffee and enjoy more, without getting a caffeine rush.
  • A sweet and delicious snack collection to complement the coffee choices. Chocolates, tarts, cheese and crackers, and fruit are only some options that your guests can enjoy while tasting. 
  • It is important to try the coffee without milk at first so that the drinker can savour the taste. Once a choice is decided upon, this is when various milk, sugars, and sweeteners can be brought out for your guests to enjoy their favourite full cup of coffee.

Although many believe that since coffee is their choice of drink throughout the day, they know what to look for. But, just as in a wine tasting, there are different steps that need to be undertaken:

  • Step 1: Pour a half-a-cup of coffee into each guest’s cup or mug. This will allow the coffee to cool down quickly. When it comes to tasting, your sense of smell is just as important. “Savour the aroma by telling your guests to put their hands around their cups and inhale the coffee aroma,” explains Radebe. “You can make this a conversation point and ask questions such as ‘what do you smell?’, or ‘does this aroma remind you of anything?’.”
  • Step 2: Once the aroma has been enjoyed and the coffee cooled down enough, it is time to take a sip. This is the time to discuss what everyone thinks. It may be too strong or too weak for some while others may be picking up on flavours they are finding enjoyable. Since this is coffee tasting, the focus of the conversation will likely be coffee.
  • Step 3: As the host, it is up to you when you reveal the blends and flavour notes of the coffees. Usually, this would be done after each tasting so that your guests can mark which coffees they enjoyed, and those that they did not.

Your coffee tasting can be as casual or as formal as you prefer. “That is the beauty of coffee,” Radebe notes. “Coffee is a drink that brings people together in different circumstances, and because of this it can work in any coffee tasting setting you would like to invite your guests too. It is a versatile drink and will adapt to the occasion you are planning.”

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