Local Ad Agency Aims To Make Winter A Little Warmer

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 As winter’s icy reign continues over the country, the homeless find themselves facing wet and bone-chilling conditions, without any form of protection.

In answer to this, Cape Town-based advertising agency, 99c, launched its internal Winter Karma Quilt of Love Blanket Drive, to aid the homeless by providing warm blankets. The drive has seen 36 blankets donated thus far, which were handed over to The Haven Shelter in District Six.  

The initiative continues the legacy of well-loved former 99c employee, Kirsty Webster (26), who passed away in 2016. 

“Every year in winter, Kirsty took it upon herself to collect warm clothes and blankets, which she personally handed out to those in need. She worked selflessly to help others and as her former employer, we want to honour her memory by keeping her legacy of kindness alive, especially now as we face a global pandemic that has left many South Africans in need,” says Andrew Brand, Group CEO at 99c. 

With the easing of lockdown regulations, and the subsequent closure of temporary COVID-19 housing shelters, Cape Town’s homeless population has increased. This has led the agency to extend the Winter Karma Quilt of Love Blanket Drive beyond its walls, and to the public. 

99c recently sponsored the final leg of the Cape Winter Horseracing Series and launched the public call-to-action whereby guests and sponsors were also asked to provide blankets for donation to those in need. The race day also included a horse race named after Kirsty and her initiative.

“We are now calling on the wider Cape Town community to add to our Quilt of Love by donating warm blankets and clothes if possible, to a local homeless shelter or anyone in need. Alternatively, you can get involved through any act of kindness, no matter how small, that will make another person’s winter a bit warmer,” concludes Brand.  

For more info, email winterkarma@99c.co.za or join the Facebook Group.