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The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the lives of all our people in South Africa and more so our precious children. Parents have suffered financially and most need child care but simply cannot afford it.  Our reason for seeking funding is to offer parents 3 months discounted fees to give them a chance to become financially fit again and the funding will assist us in achieving this goal.

Welcome to Amatus Kids Academy’s, your first ever parent-created 24-hour child care centre – A new paradigm in Early Childcare Education on the South African landscape based on a child-centric curriculum and is a Parent-Created Child Care. Each of these parents has a different child care situation, but they all have one thing in common – they want child care that is not readily available.

Create your own child care arrrangements

But all is not lost! With a little help and energy, parents can create their own child care arrangements with us, being a 24-hour child care facility. We need funding to expand our child care to help more children who desperately need to be cared for. Reaching my target will mean that I can assist parents in more vulnerable areas by looking after their children at times suited to their time table and at affordable fees that they budget for

We understand the heart of a parent, and we do everything from a parent’s perspective. Day-care is a big step for you and your child. We know that you’re entrusting us with the care of your little one who is, after all, your most precious gift. That’s why we create a caring, nurturing home from home environment. Every child deserves a safe space where they can have fun and feel free to be themselves.

At Amatus Kids Academy, we’ve created just that. Family child care in a “home-like” setting is the best alternative there is for working parents. It provides a small secure environment for children during the most important time of their development. Family child care offers a home away from home, providing children with “siblings” of all ages, to play, socialize, and learn from. Our goal in providing quality child care for your child is to provide…A safe environment

A nurturing environment

A learning environment learning is not necessarily the ABC’s and 123’s but is also the learning of values. The learning of honesty, respect, self–reliance, and potential, self-discipline, and moderation, the values of being; dependable, love, sensitivity to others, kindness, friendliness, and fairness are the values of giving.

A centre with a safe, secure, and controlled environment. A centre where your child will be stimulated, disciplined, and loved. Should we be blessed with the funding we will be able to update our centres by adding an Alarm system, D6 Communication System, and a variety of computer programmes to enhance the teaching offered to the children as well as the purchase of extra furniture to accommodate the needs of each child.

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