From a disadvantaged background in Thokoza to a healthcare owner in Phalaborwa – Dr. Thabo Motsoane

Dr. Thabo Motsoane born and raised in Thokoza east of Johannesburg is the founder Marulamed health centre in  Phalaborwa town. He is one of the youngest doctors who realized an opportunity of running a private surgery after the closing down of Clinics private hospital in Phalaborwa.

Born from a disadvantaged background and raised by a single mother, this gave him more courage to work really hard. “I vowed to myself and my mother that I will make a difference in our lives by passing with a bachelor degree that will allow me to study Medicine” After completing his matric with a bachelor degree, Thabo was stressed about university fees, he went to Wits University with registration fee only, and passing with a bachelor degree gave him the advantage to get a bursary.

Thabo explained “I didn’t pass the matric with university entry pass first time around and went back to redo matric where I passed with a bachelor marks and this gave me the advantage to get a bursary to study further” he added. Determined to make something of his life, he got pre-internship after obtaining his bachelor degree, he then later started to work to various hospitals

After the journey of persistence, Dr. Thabo Motsoane now owns his own practice Marulamed health centre a 24 hours Ems. As a private surgery, they also offer a wide range of services and are involved in many campaigns including and not limited to free male circumcision, pick up point for state patients chronic treatment, local marathons amongst others.

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