Champions for Children Volunteers Showing Love to Frontline Workers

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The nurses and doctors at Tygerberg Hospital have been working tirelessly throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and many of their colleagues, friends, and family have succumbed to the pandemic. February is the month of love and the Champions For Children Volunteer Club of Tygerberg Hospital Children’s Trust would love to give back to the healthcare workers at the hospital with the ‘showsomelove’ campaign.

We are appealing to the public and businesses to show support by pledging a cash donation as an act of love to contribute towards the purchase of flowers for the Tygerberg Hospital healthcare workers.

This campaign is about highlighting and raising awareness about the trying times of the frontline workers and the hard conditions they have been working under over the last year. This is an initiative dreamed up by the volunteers of the Trust and they want to show support and appreciation to the healthcare workers. They want to make the staff feel loved. 

The flowers will be handed over by the Champions for Children, the Trust’s volunteers in the last week of February to all the pediatric wards. The flowers are a token from the volunteers and to show support for all the healthcare workers 

The Trust is showing support to healthcare workers at Tygerberg Hospital and also raising awareness about the Champions For Children Volunteer Club.

To donate please click here.