Sensual You Celebrates One Year In Natural Skincare!

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Dr. Karabo Tlale

The COVID-19 hard lockdown in 2020 affected many individuals and businesses forcing society to re-evaluate, reset and reinvent. For specialist obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Karabo Tlale, this was the perfect time to manifest her dream of creating and launching her natural skincare brand, Sensual You.

Launched officially on 28 May 2020, Sensual You was created to bring relief to those suffering the effects of dry and ageing skin with symptoms such as cracking, itchiness, and sagging. “The greatest highlight for Sensual You over its first year as a brand has been its uniqueness of being plant-based and natural. Ingredients like the capsicum are not common and clients take a lot of interest in the and their inclusion into the products” says Dr. Tlale.

Sensual You is particularly good for melanated skin with ingredients that soften, moisturize, tone, and prevent ageing while maintaining a natural African complexion.

On her experience as the owner of a black skincare brand, Dr. Tlale says, “The first year of Sensual You has been fulfilling yet challenging in some instances. Fulfillment emanated from its good qualities and witnessing the effectiveness of the product. Going through the process of formulating the product from start to finish was a great achievement.

The warm reception we received from our customers motivated the team to continue with marketing the product. The challenges that we came across related to online sales because the product was launched during the hard lockdown of the COVID 19 pandemic, but I am still grateful to the marketing team for encouraging me to launch.”

In the first year, Dr. Tlale’s aim was to introduce the Sensual You products to the market and work on improvements as per client reviews.  In the second year and going forward, she plans to expand their reach in the retail space. “Our main focus is not to rush for money, but to create a lasting impression in the beauty and skincare industries”, she concludes.

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