Rooibos’ Benefits For Your Skin And Health

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Rooibos tea is a staple in many South African homes with its popularity growing rapidly around the world. Although the traditional way to enjoy the benefits of Rooibos is to drink it as a tea, the benefits of this indigenous herb that only grows in a small area in the Western Cape can be extended to Rooibos infused products as well. 

“The benefits of Rooibos to your health, skin and even hair are numerous, and when this herb is used in skincare, body care, and supplements the rewards are noticeable,” comments Adele Du Toit, marketing manager for Rooibos based products Annique. “Rooibos is rich in antioxidants which have anti-inflammatory benefits, assists with diabetes control and heart health, and can aid in the promotion of healthy skin.”

The benefits of incorporating Rooibos into your diet and skincare regime are numerous while providing protection, aid, or prevention of various ailments.

Benefits of Rooibos for your skin

Rooibos’ anti-ageing properties stem from antioxidants which assist with reducing wrinkles and promote the production of healthy skin cells. A study conducted by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science in 2010, followed 20 women for four weeks who reported that Rooibos was effective in reducing their wrinkles by 9.9%. Rooibos antioxidants manages to effectively neutralise free radicals which are responsible for causing wrinkles.

Eczema and acne are reduced by the high levels of flavonoids in Rooibos and also allows for healthier skin. With inflammation being one of the main courses of acne, the inflammatory properties of Rooibos aids in the reduction of acne. 

The anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties of Rooibos help to fight against bacterial infections and can also aid in relieving allergies.

Rooibos is gentle on the skin, aiding in soothing sunburn, rashes (even nappy rash), abrasions and itchy skin.

Drinking Rooibos can keep skin hydrated and healthy.

Benefits of Rooibos for your health

Due to the complex and unique blend of antioxidants in Rooibos, the immune system is boosted keeping the body healthy from within. These antioxidants can help protect cells from damage by free radicals.

The antioxidants in Rooibos bind with the free radicals in the body which then helps to prevent it from oxidising with cholesterol and clogging the blood vessels which can cause heart attacks or strokes. These antioxidants can help reduce cholesterol.

Rooibos has lower tannin levels than regular black or green tea. High levels can prevent the absorption of certain nutrients such as iron. By consuming Rooibos instead, the body is able to function as it is supposed to and absorb the nutrients it needs. 

Replacing your usual tea with rooibos tea will lower your sugar consumption, control your appetite and aid in weight loss.

The unique antioxidant aspalathin found in Rooibos has antidiabetic potential and may help suppress vascular inflammation which can affect those with diabetes, that can result from high blood sugar levels. Further studies are being conducted.

Rooibos can benefit anyone, especially when incorporated into a healthy lifestyle plan. It is caffeine-free, so it is suitable for babies from 6 months to the elderly.

Annique, a South African business, founded 50 years ago, creates and promotes Rooibos infused products for health and beauty purposes. Locally manufactured, Annique was the first in the world to introduce Rooibos into their health and beauty products. These products have since won numerous awards, both locally and internationally. 

“Through years of innovation, we understand the impact and benefits our products have when used by our consumers. Rooibos is a natural South African herb that continues to make a significant difference in people’s lives by aiding to solve their beauty and health problems,” explains Du Toit.

Annique has a comprehensive range of products that offer solutions to various health and beauty issues, with the Rooibos herb prominent in their formulations, providing proven antioxidant support.

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