Innovative Skincare Products With Benefits

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Glycerine, Tissue Oil and Petroleum Jelly, are three deceivingly simple, yet powerful skincare ingredients. Clere, understanding the benefits of all three has combined them to create two innovative products, Gly-Co-Jelly and Gly-Co-Oil.

Gly-Co-Jelly provides 48 hours of moisture, will instantly nourish your skin, helps lock in moisture, and restores and revives dry, ashy skin, leaving it feeling silky soft. Gly-Co-Oil has been specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and revitalise dehydrated skin.


A humectant that helps retain moisture; it keeps everything moisturised without compromising any of the other ingredients in the product. All skin types can use glycerine and benefit from it. Not only does glycerine moisturise the skin, but it also pulls moisture up from the lower levels of the skin (the dermis) to the upper levels (the epidermis), essentially allowing the skin to help moisturise itself. It is gentle on sensitive skin and can help alleviate temporary skin discomfort by assisting in maintaining the skin’s protective layer of moisture. Its hydrating properties help create a smoother-looking appearance, keeping the skin looking young and vibrant. By bringing your skin’s natural moisture to the surface, glycerine helps reduce the look of all those signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles.

Petroleum Jelly

Dating back to 1865, when chemist Robert Chesebrough patented the petroleum jelly formula to heal dry skin, its thick consistency works wonders on the skin, especially when the weather turns colder. Petroleum jelly is non-comedogenic, so it is safe for all skin types. However, it is most beneficial for dryness. Softening severely cracked, dry, and inflamed areas, it works by preventing loss of water in the skin, allowing natural oils to nourish and repair. Smooth over cracked heels or dry elbows, slip on a pair of socks, go to sleep, and wake up to healthy, hydrated skin.

Tissue Oil

This head-to-toe, a multi-purpose solution can be used for just about anything. Most commonly used to treat the appearance of stretch marks, it increases the elasticity of the skin allowing it to stretch and relax without leaving any physical signs of the process. By discouraging the overproduction of sebum, an oily substance in the skin that can cause acne and other dermal conditions, tissue oil can help reduce the appearance of acne scarring. Tissue oil can be added to your daily moisturiser. Natural oils keep skin moist and hydrated by reducing evaporation so by adding tissue oil to your moisturiser, it’s possible to increase both its richness and its effectiveness.

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