5 Tips To Extend The Use Of Moisturiser

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Most beauty product lovers will admit that they are guilty of having a bathroom cabinet full of body lotions and moisturisers that they never finish but add to continuously. Despite applying moisturising products every day, the products start to stack up, and before they know it, they have a substantial collection.

Zaweer Ebrahim from deodorant and body lotion brand, Playgirl offers some creative thinking on how to best use the ever-growing collection of creams:

DIY exfoliating creme:

Mix a tablespoon of brown sugar with the body lotion for a lovely scrub. Invite the whole family to enjoy a hand scrub, with the added bonus of hydration!

Protect your cuticles:

Apply small amounts of your body lotion to your nail beds and cuticles. Massage gently and push your cuticles back for maximum effect. 

Shaving solution:

Did you know you can use body lotion when shaving your legs or underarms? Lotion allows for a smoother finish and adds a layer of moisture to the skin. 


Mix 1 tablespoon of moisturiser with 1 tablespoon of essential oil of your choice. Add to a warm bath and enjoy the scent while receiving additional hydration for your skin.

Smooth those flyaways

Squeeze a small dot of moisturiser onto both of your hands and rub them together. Run your hands lightly through your hair to tame any unwanted frizz or flyaways.  Bonus: while lotion can’t fix your hair’s split ends, the moisture can help to bind the ends of the hair and smooth it for the day.  

Ebrahim comments that using these tips with the Playgirl body lotions and body crèmes, not only will your body benefit from the additional pamper time, but you also get to enjoy the various incredible scents, whether it’s in the bath, on the tips of your hair or on your cuticles.

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