#WIB – Q&A With Carlie Lubbe Founder Of My EasyGlow

EasyGlow Founder
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1. Can you please tell us more about your business?

My EasyGlow is a 4 in 1 contour and highlight applicator that was designed to simplify make-up. It features 2 premium brushes & 2 powder products, all-in-one portable unit, that allows you to apply & touch-up on-the-go. The colours are recommended after a short quiz to make sure you get the correct colours first time and once your colour caps finish, you simply buy a new refill. And it takes less than a minute to apply.

2. When, how & why did you start your business?

Three years ago I identified a need to make contouring & highlighting more accessible to all women. The Kylie Jenners of the world love it, but most other women shy away from it, they have no idea where to start. I wanted to create the best product, for them! As a busy, working mom I saw an opportunity to give all women a timesaving, space-saving and in the end money-saving way to look their best. I have always been passionate about helping women enhance their natural beauty & nothing feels better than hearing how EasyGlow has transformed someone’s make-up routine. Such a tool did not exist and so the journey of innovation started.

3. What is your role in the business?

As a new business, I pretty much do everything. Just kidding, I do outsource a lot of the work. I enjoy having my finger on everything though, from quality control to finances to customer interaction. The details make or break a new business and the founder needs to be seen in all aspects.

4. Where did you study and what did you study?

I studied Optometry at RAU (yes it was still RAU back then, not UJ).

5. How did you finance your business?

My previous business allowed me the cash-flow to start the design and manufacturing process. Towards the end of 2022 I sold that business. It freed up my time and finances to focus on the launch on EasyGlow. We launched in May 2023.

6. Describe your average workday, if such a thing exists.

The customer always come first. Orders are attended to first thing in the morning, followed by customer queries. Thereafter, the days get blocked into content creation, social media approvals, direct marketing, supplier interaction, manufacturing & assembly processes, quality control, forecasting and finance management.

7. How do you balance your homelife & work life?

It is hard, especially when you run a 24/7 business that lives on social media platforms (which never sleeps). My family always come first, and I do my best to stick to working hours. Being strict with your phone/laptop after hours helps. And always remember why you started the business, not to be a slave to it, but rather to have the life you want with the people you love.

8. What drives you and inspires you?

My ‘why’ has always been to have fun and do good. I must enjoy what I do, and it must have a purpose. I absolutely love helping women master this previously-daunting technique and my favourite part is our ‘Share the glow’ campaign: for every EasyGlow sold we donate 5 school lunches to The Lunchbox Fund. This initiative adds purpose to every aspect of EasyGlow.

9. Where and when do you have your best ideas?

LOL, in my car. I often ask Siri to add reminders to my day whilst driving, to ‘pen’ down my ideas.

10. Where and how do you market/advertise your business for sales leads?

Social media, Instagram & Facebook. We are also looking into Tiktok as a next platform.

11. What is next for your business?

Wholesale will be the next step, but as any mother I want to make sure my baby can walk before I send her into the big world. We have had so many enquiries already but have declined all. Very soon, watch this space…

12. What advice would you give to female entrepreneurs hoping to start your own business?

Find out why you want to start this business and never move away from that! Keep going and never give up, you never know how close you are to success. And enjoy the journey. It will be a roller-coaster, but it will be worth it.

Short Bio:

We simplify make-up for you, to help you contour & highlight like a pro with our 4-in-1 solution. We have taken the guess-work out of colour selection, sourced the best brushes and even allow you to do this on-the-go.

Contact information: 

Email: hello@myeasyglow.com

 Website: https://myeasyglow.com/

Social media links:  Instagram and Facebook