We Are Women Hear Us Roar – The Strong Women Of 21st Century

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The Women Of 21st Century

A collective group taking a top company to a new level.

The adage of ‘We are women, hear us roar” has never been more prevalent than within the ranks of 21st Century, South Africa’s largest specialist Remuneration, Organisation Development and Change consultancy, where a group of strong, knowledgeable and fierce women are taking the industry by storm – and supporting each other every step of the way.

With superior expertise across all facets of the company, this compelling group are busting through the stereotypes and laying down a new path. One where women empower women to celebrate the success that each one of their unique journeys has brought them and embrace the challenges that make them stronger.

These are the women of 21st Century.
Barbara Lombard

The Executive Director, and a Non-Executive Director of boards and Boards Committee member, her key role lies within Organisational Design and Change Management, with a hand in Executive and Management training and Leadership development.

Vuyelwa Dantjie

Senior Analyst and RewardOnline Manager takes charge of providing clients with simple/complex benchmarking information while adhering to agreed deadlines and ensuring that reports are of an exceptional quality standard.

Lutendo Dama

Senior Analyst and Inhouse Manager, her job scope covers everything from salary benchmarking, to pay scales, to equal pay reports, to Non-Executive director benchmarking.

Didi Kgasi

Rewards Analyst, with a firm focus on Salary Benchmarking for RewardOnline and Inhouse.

So, what exactly is it that makes these ladies tick?

“I thrive on self-management”, says Lombard. “21st Century is exactly the kind of environment where my experience comes to the fore. Those moments where I can see that an authentic connection has been made and that I am truly providing value are what drive me always to do better.” For Dantjie, it is her drive and ambition – She has progressively taken on more and more responsibilities to prove that she is more than capable of managing not only her work pipeline but most importantly, the people she assists.

“My opinion is that passion is the most important discipline for success”, says Dama. “When you have passion, you are guaranteed to persevere through even the most challenging moments.” Kgatsi has a different take on it – “My colleagues are really hardworking, but also fun. They are some of the brightest people that I know. I am inspired daily by them.”

Whatever the secret to their success may be, each of them shares one sentiment that is precisely the same – How fortunate they are to work with a group of strong women with a willingness to share knowledge, underpinned by constant support of each other. Truly an environment in which each can thrive.

This group of doyennes are proof that opportunities exist everywhere – if one can see them – and not be afraid to seize them, then the sky truly is the limit. They also show us how the collective force of a group of women, who mentor each other and share knowledge, can not only strengthen a business but can take it to the next level. No longer is it a case of the power of the ‘boys club’, but instead it’s about realizing the pivotal role that female-led mentorship plays on the next generation.