Pet Business Ideas You Can Start At Home

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We all thrive in a job that we are passionate about. However, if you are passionate about animals your options can be pretty limited. You might need to go to school to become a vet tech, be a volunteer, or there just aren’t enough opportunities in your area. That’s okay though because we are about to give you some business ideas so you can work with animals, get paid, and do something you are passionate about.

Dog Walker

Dog owners love their companions, but sometimes between work and other obligations, it gets too busy to take their dogs on a walk. This is a simple but necessary job, that many people are more than willing to pay for. This job will obviously require some physical abilities because you will probably be walking multiple dogs per day.


Especially in the summer, people take vacations and have to leave their house for a while. Maybe they even just need somebody to watch their pup while they are at work. This business route is probably the most consistent ones you can find. Just like child daycare centers, people need this type of business (especially for teething and potty-training puppies!).

Treat Baker

If you have a passion for animals and baking, this one is just for you. People care about what goes into their pet’s food, and they are iffier than ever about the ingredients they feed their pets. Selling healthy and organic pet treats would be a perfect route to take if that is something you are interested in. The prices you sell at would be entirely made by you.

Pet Photographer

We can all appreciate those who bless us with adorable pet photos. If you also have a passion for photography, become a pet photographer! These never go out of style, but business would be booming around the holidays.

Pet Spa

Who doesn’t need a spa day sometimes? We all need one, and so do our pets. Offer packages including combing the hair, clipping nails, a bath, really anything you can think of. You can also offer the services separately. Your pay would really depend on your own prices.

Animal Blogger

The younger generation knows the internet inside and out, so we have no doubts this business idea could pay off for someone. Start a blog! Once you gain enough followers, you can become an affiliate marketer. This is normally how bloggers make their money, so you’d have to encourage people to buy items. But if you play your cards right with this idea, it could certainly pay off.

Pet Clothing Designer

Do you have a passion for fashion? Pet owners love dressing up their animals, so if you have the means you will probably find success in creating and selling pet clothing. You could also sell these clothing items at the farmers market or other local festivities.

Pooper Scooper

You are almost guaranteed to have no competition in this business. There is no doubt in our minds that this business would be successful if you have the stomach for it. From homes to businesses, nobody wants to smell or see or clean dog poop. All you need is a scooper and doggy bags, and you are making easy money.

Dropship Pet Food

There are many opportunities with drop shipping, so this business idea can start you onto several more. This is one of the easier, less risky business ideas, so it’s worth checking into. Once again, pet owners care deeply for their pet’s health. This business allows you to search and sell pet foods that are safe and healthy for them.

There are so many more ideas that are out there, but these have the highest demand. Unless you have went to college for vet tech or have experience in training, these are probably the best and safest ideas for you. Starting your own business is liberating and allows you to focus on your passions. Make sure you are safe, respectful, and focused. It’s never an easy beginning, but it could be a very rewarding future.

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