How To Deliver An Intro That Grabs Attention

How To Deliver An Intro That Grabs Attention
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Issued by: WIB Coach – Suze Bouwer

Whether you are pitching to investors, a potential client, a networking group or writing a bio, you only have one teeny window of opportunity. This is a simple guideline to help you grab it!

Known by other names, most commonly – Your Elevator Pitch – a quick snappy, focused intro to you, that speaks directly into your target audience, can make or break an opportunity. Being clear about your unique offer and standing out amidst the noise and haste, requires that you constantly refine your very own story and update your bio’s on social media profiles and your website. 

On the techy side, search engines and algorithms love updates and new content to crawl.  Do not use the exact same words in each place – tweak for the audience and the platform. This is NOT salesy and a formula that I recommend which focuses on your prospect and what they want.  Not what you do and may want to push down their throat.

Think about the outcome you want prior to your delivery.  For example, are you meeting for the first time and want to be remembered?  Or, do you want them to ask for more info, or refer you with conviction?

Stand tall.  Emit positive, confident energy.

My Name is: 

I am (your business designation):  e.g. Founder, Owner, Manager, etc

in or at (Business name):           

I help (your Ideal Customers IN the audience you are addressing):

With (What they Get = Functional + Financial + Emotional Result)

This is the game-changer in this formula! There are no product or service features in this formula.  Rather, you tell them what transformation they can expect, and these 3 aspects talk into right, left brains, as well as most personal or business challenges     

Let’s explore the “Functional + Financial + Emotional” concept a bit further … here you should use the words that describe their ideal solution.  It pays to stay alert when you read and listen elsewhere to identify the specific words that resonate.

Functional solutions may include a System, a Plan, a Guideline, Framework, Strategy …

‘Financial’ or quantifiable results that your target audience may be wanting can include Save, Gain, Protect, Grow, Invest, Generate, Accelerate, Renew …

Emotional transformation is where your intimate knowledge about what makes your ideal customer tick really helps you deliver impact! For example, you may help them with Peace of mind; Set them free; Live the life they love; Look and feel great; Get them noticed … This is always last.  Leave them with a message that touches the heart they buy with!                

Finally, when you’re at a networking event, you must add “Today, my Ask is for … (what referrals or help are you looking for? Be specific)

End off by repeating your Name and Company.

Try it! 

Update it regularly.  Keep it fresh and full of passion for how and why you deliver results!

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself and not a second-rate version of someone else.” ― Judy Garland

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