Digital Transformation And Your Small Business

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Digital transformation is on the top of the agenda in virtually every business across the globe. Companies are looking at ways to integrate and streamline more processes and departments and shifting from reactive transformation towards a more proactive approach. In a digital era adopting new digital ways of running a business offers companies more control and agility, less confusion and error, and ultimately happier customers.

“Digital transformation is not about the technology you choose but about the people who benefit from it,” says CEO Wayne Diamond. “Many small businesses are uncomfortable with digital transformation because they do not really understand what it involves. It does not necessarily mean your company should invest in Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. Digital transformation is also not an “out with the old and in with the new” mantra. It’s about using the right technology to address your company’s unique challenges and goals.”

How can small businesses get ready for digital transformation?

1. Get leadership onboard

As an owner of a small business you need to get all managerial parties aligned with the goals and purposes of digital transformation. Make sure everyone involved understands exactly what digital transformation REALLY entails and how it will benefit your company within the context of your industry and target-market customers.

2. Create a digital road map

Digital transformation is an ongoing journey. Create a road map of where you would like to be in a two years’ time and the steps needed to get there. Simply adopting new fads will only add insult to injury. Make use of your current infrastructure and look for software that integrates seamlessly. Also look for solutions that are scalable and can grow with your business.

3. Get the team onboard

Digital transformation, although gradual, effects everyone in the business, especially the teams that need to follow new protocols and procedures. Prioritise communication during every step of the road map. Explain why it is happening and train your staff appropriately. In order to remain relevant; competitive and innovative businesses need to digitalize.

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