A Radical Faith Conference For Women

New Hope Church SA hosts a three – day Radical Faith Women’s Conference (RFWC). This International Women’s Month, they would like to invite all women to join them for a powerful women’s gathering in Retreat, Cape Town. The conference takes place at 111 Joe Marks Boulevard, from Saturday 31th August to Sunday, 1st September 2019. Tickets cost R100 and may be purchased on arrival or booked through email at radicalfaith1@gmail.com.

For many generations, women have been victims of abuse, low- self-esteem and deprived of the freedom to be themselves. Despite the many challenges they face, many persevered and continued to stand Bold, Strong and Beautiful.

The RFWC guest preachers are Samantha Booysen (Cape Town), Mel Singh (Cape Town) and Irene Mureithi (Kenya); they are phenomenal women of influence and come fully equipped to share their stories of triumph. Together, they stand united against everyday adversity – with their lives as a mirror to all women wanting to shift into their next level of faith.

A Radical Faith

“It’s a season for women to be re-ignited with Power, Passion & Purpose! The time is here, and the time IS NOW for women to step into all that they were intended to be. It’s our time as daughters of Africa to arise and step into our purpose, our call, and our God-given destiny.”: Founder & Senior Pastor, Desray Van Rensburg.

About the Conference

The RFWC was established in 2010 by Senior Pastor Desray Van Rensburg to unite, empower, uplift and encourage women from all spheres of life. For over 9 years, the conference has identified a hunger within women, who have done all they could to stand bold, strong and beautiful. These are the same women who have reshaped their lives through faith and connectivity, despite everyday adversity.

The RFWC is connected to New Hope Church SA, situated on Joe Marks Boulevard, Retreat. The church prides itself with its core values being, compassion, generosity, honour, Christ-centeredness, dignity, respect, excellence, integrity and being family-focused.  

The vision of the Church

The vision of the church is to raise a God-fearing, indigenous, multicultural, multigenerational and bible-based church at the epicenter of revival. Emulating a sound that draws all nations and leaves a legacy for future generations.

For more information please contact:

Toni Erasmus

081 728 8929