Travel Experiences Made Extra-ordinary

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A vacation should not just be about posing for photos in front of bridges and monuments. The best experiences – the ones that stay with us for years – are immersive. They involve all our senses, to see the world from a new angle, and new customs and cultures.

To get the most from any travel experience, you need to uncover hidden treasures.  AMW Holidays, a leader in experiential travel, gives you a taste of what it is like to feel the experience.

The company hires only experienced tour conductors, many of whom are former actors and artists. Allowing them to dig deeper into the history, art, and culture of the area. You will be blown away. Ready to add some new experiences to your bucket list?  

Soak up Egypt’s Land Of The Pharaohs, and the land of the Prophets. How would you describe a 13-day tour of Egypt? In a word: Gratifying. On a land of civilizations tours, you will spoil yourself in the region’s riches. Experience time past while discovering the modern world and how they exist side by side.  

Highlights include sightseeing, beautiful beaches, hanging churches, mosques, great pyramids, inside the great pyramids, the valley of the kings, valley of the Queens, Tutankhamun Tomb, the Great Egyptian Museum, the coktake museum, golden moments, Alexandra Library, the city of Alexandra the great, El Almani (you will see the museum for the second war weapon used by Hitler as well as the cemetery for all the soldiers who died in the second war). How about coming across a forgotten alley or uncover a bargain in a local market; great experiences are endless.  

The Middle East

The only thing that can make exploring the Jordan countryside even better is doing it by riverboat. This tour will open your eyes to every wonder and site the ancient world has left behind. Take a trip through the ancient world. While visiting some of the most beautiful architectural wonders and sites the world has to offer. Jordan, Israel, and Greece, your intimate tour has all the luxuries of rich travel experience. 

Venture to Asia

Whether you want to venture to Asia and visit Malaysia, Singapore, or Bangkok, you’ll enjoy serenely traversing these places. Discover charming towns on foot or bicycle and visit vineyards and farms to sample the best of the local products. The diversity of food is praised as a reason to visit the country, and the variety of food represents different ethnicities and vibrant culture. 

The European Experience

This is what couples have been waiting for. This 14 Days, 12 Nights Tour of Turkey, Italy, France, and Germany brings you to the castles and residences of famous kings and monarchs. Ancient and Modern meet at every corner and you will never be bored with walking the streets, exploring, or hustling in the markets. The gorgeous cobbled streets, charming boutiques, and delightful restaurants are filled with people no matter what time of year you go. 

South America

Argentina and Brazil, the crown jewel of tourism, provides the backdrop for many epic scenes in the fantasy and ‘crazy’ movies like The Two Popes, The Line, Invisible Life, Socrates, Paradise Lost, Under Pressure and many others. Sip wine at a family-owned winery, where vineyards are over five hundred years old. 

Now that you have got five more extra-ordinary places and experiences for your bucket list, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with AMW Holidays Worldwide Group and they will get you there.