Tips for Deciding on The Right Security System

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Security systems are an integral part of South African life and while these are a requirement of most insurance policies, selecting a home security solution or a business security system should not be a tick-box exercise. Choosing the right security system is essential for safeguarding your home or business, but how do you choose between all available options?

Fidelity ADT’s Group Head of Marketing and Communications, Charnel Hattingh says it can be overwhelming when shopping for a security system. It’s, therefore, helpful to know what questions to ask, bearing in mind that the system you install is only as reliable as the security company that backs it.

Start with the security provider before you move on to choosing the actual security system. Ask questions, such as how long they have been in business, whether they are PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) registered, whether they offer all-day security monitoring, and what their average response times are.

An important aspect is technical backup for the system they install
  • Security systems are an investment, so make sure that the company installing your business or home security system offers a warranty on the system and equipment for replacement, repair, or reimbursement.
  • Consider the type of protection you need for your home or business and at what level.
  • Home and business security systems offer a host of features. These include professional monitoring, wireless connectivity, and smart home integration.
  • Cost is influenced by several factors, such as the size of your premises, the type of equipment chosen, and whether or not you opt for 24/7 security monitoring.
Features of a solid security system
  • Remote access: This enables you to monitor your system from a mobile device, which is especially helpful if you’re away from home as it keeps you informed about any suspicious activity.
  • Motion detectors and door/window sensors: These devices detect movement and alert you when someone enters or attempts to open the door.
  • Remote and fixed panic buttons: Allow you to quickly get help if you feel unsafe or have another type of emergency, such as a fire or a medical situation. This is particularly beneficial for elderly homeowners, people living with disabilities, or staff working late.
  • All-day security monitoring: Professional monitoring links your security system to a central monitoring centre that can notify emergency services for you. Round-the-clock security surveillance is designed to notify you, your family, and the authorities if a threat is detected. Apart from the alarm system being monitored, you can place electric fencing, gate access, smoke detectors, outdoor beams, and CCTV under monitoring too.

Having the components that are being monitored linked to an armed response service is invaluable to the overall effectiveness of your security solution. If a threat activates the electric fence or alarm system, you want peace of mind that help is on the way. This is the only way to truly safeguard your loved ones and your property.

A reputable security company will have the expertise to ensure the installation of your security system is done professionally and that each component of the system is in the right place and ready to perform its job. A home or business security system is not a have; it’s an investment into your safety and security and that of your family, employees, and property.

Make the right choice by getting a professional on your side to help put a security system in place that not only suits your every need and budget, but that delivers seamless intervention in the event of any kind of emergency.

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