Natralogic Introduces First All-Natural Pregnancy Skincare Range

The newly launched natural certified Natralogic pregnancy skincare range is taking the guesswork out of beauty product choices for expectant mothers – and it gets the nod of approval from health practitioners.

“Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most exciting life events that a woman will ever go through, but we begin to move into unchartered territory when it comes to determining which beauty products are safe to use,” said Natralogic’s founder and owner, Lauren Lamont who found it surprisingly difficult to find an natural full pregnancy skincare range when she fell pregnant.

Lamont explained further, “The limited natural products that I could find were mostly thick oils and balms that made me feel so sticky and hot, which isn’t ideal during pregnancy and, in my opinion, did not have sufficient concentration levels of active ingredients to be effective. Being involved in the skincare industry, I was fortunate to be able to develop my own products to use during my pregnancy.”

Lamont applied her master’s degree in Pure and Applied Chemistry, Diploma in Cosmetic Chemistry and 8 years’ working experience in the personal care industry to develop her own specialized all-natural and effective pregnancy range of skincare products. As a new mother, she also felt an overwhelming desire and responsibility to help other expectant mothers by giving them the same peace of mind, which led to the birth of the Natralogic pregnancy skincare range.

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Lauren Lamont Natralogic’s founder and owner

“While it is easy to become preoccupied with what you are putting into your body, especially during pregnancy, too often less consideration is given to what you are putting onto it. Studies have proven that the average female may have up to 200 synthetic chemicals in their bodies and new chemicals are being added to the mix every year. Our bodies have become repositories for dozens of toxic chemicals as a result of the various cosmetic and personal care products we use every day,” added Lauren.

Natralogic features 5 products – a tummy crème, exfoliating crème, toning massage oil, cooling leg gel and a nipple crème. Alternatively, you can purchase the Starter Pack or Complete Care range. Each product is internationally certified and carries the official stamp of ECOCERT in France, the Vegan Society in Europe, the European Union Cosmetic Product Regulations and Beauty without Cruelty in South Africa – despite their currently being no such product testing requirement in South Africa.

Lamont elaborated, “Being certified by the ECOCERT COSMOS standard certifies that Natralogic meets a quality level higher than that required by the South African and European laws and verifies that the products contain only safe, renewable and sustainable ingredients that are manufactured by using environmentally friendly processes and packaged with sustainable materials. We are pleased and confident by the number of independent quality and safety certifications that Natralogic has achieved”.

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Natralogic’s Cooling leg gel

After 4 years of hard work, Lamont has received an overwhelmingly positive response from new and expectant mothers as well as some of South Africa’s leading bloggers and their readers, who are all using Natralogic.

“I believe that Natralogic rings true for expectant and new moms because it was developed by an expectant mom. It’s inspiring to know I am not only offering a product that I personally use and truly believe in, but that Natralogic is making a healthy impact in the lives of so many pregnant women and their unborn children,” concluded Lamont.

The Natralogic product range can be purchased online at

For more information, visit the website or call 0800 127 800.