Using Colours To Teach Your Child Emotions

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As parents, we play a crucial role in helping our children navigate the complex world of emotions. One creative and engaging way to teach children about emotions is using colours. Thomas & Friends’ new Colour Changing Engine Assortment has made it a little easier to introduce and explore a wide range of colours and emotions.

Here are 5 practical ways you can quickly and easily teach your child about emotions using colours.

Start with Primary Colours:

Begin by introducing your child to the primary colours: red, blue, and yellow. Explain that each colour represents a different emotion. For example, red can signify anger, blue can represent sadness, and yellow can symbolize happiness. 

Mood Tracker Chart:

Create a mood tracker chart together, with different coloured sections representing each day of the week. At the end of each day, have your child choose the colour that best matches their overall mood and ask them to explain why they feel that way. This activity will help them become more aware of their emotions and how they change over time.

Art Therapy:

Engage in art activities where your child can freely express their emotions using colours. Provide them with various art supplies and encourage them to create artwork that represents how they feel. Discuss the choice of colours and help them understand the connection between their emotions and the colours they use.

Colourful Playtime:

Incorporate colour-coded play activities into your child’s daily routine. For example, ask your child to find toys or objects of a specific colour that represents a particular emotion. This game will reinforce the connection between colours and emotions while making learning fun.

Colourful Imagery:

Print out or draw pictures depicting different emotions, using vibrant and expressive colours. Display them around your child’s room or play area. Encourage your child to point to the picture that best represents how they are feeling at any given moment. 

Teaching your child about emotions through colours is a creative and enjoyable way to help them understand and express their feelings. By incorporating these 5 ideas into your play or daily routine, you can stimulate emotional intelligence and provide your child with valuable tools to navigate their emotional landscape. 

Using fun and engaging toys like the Thomas & Friends Colour Change Engine Assortment is another way of turning it into a fun and engaging activity.  Remember, the journey of emotional discovery is ongoing, and the use of colours will continue to be a helpful guide.