How to Protect Yourself And Others from Bullies

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There will always be bullies in various settings and environments, but this doesn’t mean that you have to be a victim. As a matter of fact, you can not only stop bullies from hurting you, but you can also stop them from hurting others who are around you. Collectively fighting back against bullying involves people taking steps to defend themselves and shattering the dynamics which bullies rely upon to mistreat other human beings.

Have A Healthy Support System

Having the right support system in your corner makes all the difference in the world. In many cases, bullies are less likely to go after those who they believe have friends to back them up. Having the right people in your corner also ensures that you are not isolated or alienated from other human beings. A healthy support system makes all the difference in the world and also allows you to be supportive of others in your group if they become targets of bullying.

A support system also makes a difference if you or someone else needs to report bullying to a higher authority. An established pattern and witnesses who can vouch significantly makes a difference and will speak volumes. Togetherness is the antithesis of isolation and the ultimate kryptonite for perpetrators of bullying.

Be Confident

Confidence in yourself speaks volumes and conveys a message before you open your mouth. People have a tendency to pick up on whether or not someone has high or low self-esteem. In man cases, bullies are less likely to go after people who exude high self-esteem and confidence. Furthermore, someone who feels good about themselves is usually less likely to put up with mistreatment from others. In many cases, bullies intuitively hone in on what they view as easy people to punch down upon.

Speak Up

If you see that someone else is being subjected to bullying, one of the best things you can do is speak up. The manner in which bystanders of bullying handle these types of situations truly makes a significant difference. If you are uneasy about confronting the bully face to face, you can always take the matter to a higher authority. Letting someone know what you witnessed can not only stop the bullies, but it can furthermore help the person who is in a tight spot. Standing up for others and doing the right thing feels good.

Don’t Blame Yourself

When you’re dealing with a bully, it can be very easy to question whether or not something you did prompted the bully to lash out. Bullies have a way of projecting their issues onto others; this can be emotionally and psychologically hurtful. You are not responsible for the actions of the bully. Each individual makes their own choices in life and must be accountable. Regardless of how a bully chooses to conduct themselves or what they may say to you or others, they alone are responsible for the choices they make.

Closing Remarks on Bullies

Contrary to certain beliefs, bullies are not healthy individuals. They may appear to be well-off or in a good position, but this is an illusion. People who are truly doing well in life don’t have to punch down at others in order to get a leg up. They don’t have to try to hurt other human beings and belittle them. You can tell a lot about a person based on the manner in which they conduct themselves. A person who bullies other individuals has some serious issues going on and needs the help of their own.

Never allow a bully to make you question who you are or what you know about yourself. This may be the bully’s ultimate endgame, but they can only win if you allow them to do so. Remaining strong, knowing who you are, and taking the right steps against bullying is imperative.

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